Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Better Life?

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No Choice for Migrants
I hear so often Americans say of the Mexicans crossing the border that this is proof they come for the better life that their country offers. But this is not so. Just like they say, everyone is jealous of us, that is why they don't like us. But that is not so either. Mexicans come for money, the only reason, the big paycheck at such a personal loss. The reason for the Americans confusion is that they themselves are jealous of those who have more because money is what matters most to them. That is how they judge a person, more money, a better person. Life is far better in Mexico when one is in the position to support it. But the imbalance caused by oppression and exploitation of corporations and governments has made this hard. America offers a hard life for their Mexican workers, an unfair and uneven one. Better workers should make as much or more than everyone else, irregardless of what their papers say or don't say.
Here is an article from ZNet, from The Other Campaign and the Zapatistas, that brings to light many of these false reasons that are spoke of and shows the truth. America wants and needs workers, many in Mexico need money. There is no better life there, just a better life for those they send the money home to, to continue living in a better country.

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