Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pay Dirt

Mexican Mother Lode

"President Vicente Fox on Tuesday announced state-owned oil giant Pemex had hit serious pay dirt in the Gulf of Mexico: a deep-water exploration well known as Noxal had tapped a field off the coast of the southern state of Veracruz that could contain as many as 10 billion barrels of oil. If the field pans out, it would be one of the largest in the nation´s history and go a long way toward bolstering Mexico´s rapidly declining petroleum reserves."


Here is an older article claiming this find was not so.


Another interesting article on oil and Mexico: "Arizona has approved the construction of an oil refinery based on Mexican oil and a pipeline from Guaymas. The 3 to 4 billion dollar project is bad for Mexico. Jobs and income will be lost and a dangerous dependency on the US will increase."


Conflicting stories, scandals and secrets, favors and revenges. Oppression and suppression of the peoples rights. Presidents dividing up what is not theirs to take or give. These things should be looked into, because where there is oil there is greed and corruption.

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