Thursday, November 24, 2005


Today is what those in the Untied Slates of Aremica call their Thanksgiving holiday. It is celebrated in honor of a bunch of white crooks from England who found a new place where they could slaughter natives who wouldn't slave for them and replace them with natives stolen from another continent. Americans families, under guidance of schooling's historical lies, celebrate by watching athletic contests and gorging themselves on bland food.

Their chief cowboy will be at his Texas ranch pretending to do the same. He isn't really a cowboy, but a spoiled rich kid from the eastern USA state of Connecticut. His daddy established fake residence in Texas because it does not have an income tax and profits from his CIA drug running wouldn't have to be shared with ordinary people. Little Georgie's contribution to family empire continuance was to garner votes by mimicking the accents of white Texas bigots.

You have never seen a picture of him on a horse. Falling off bicycles, yes, but a horse, no. The ranch isn't even a ranch but a pig farm purchased for photo opportunity effect. Construction of its "ranch house" was completed the day after the "election" took place. "Cowboy" Bush will be there through the weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Others will be there too and so can you. Anti war protesters were arrested yesterday for violating a new law prohibiting anyone who opposes the war from spitting or going to the toilet within a ten mile radius of the pig farm. There is another way. Enter 31.530399, -97.544391 in Google Earth's upper left search box, and you will quickly be looking down on the fake ranch house. Enlarge the image until the house fills the window and get ready to join the rest of us BASTARDS.

Bloggers Against Stupid Tyrants And Reprehensible Dictatorial Sonsobitches (BASTARDS) will conduct an experiment to determine if psycho kinesis can be used to see if there really is a god. The action will occur at exactly midnight Universal Mean Time. That is 6 pm Texas time for Americans unaware of other places and times besides those of their latest invadee. All BASTARDS will have computer screens focused on the fake ranch house at that moment and spit in unison on their computer screens.

We may then see if inundated Texas bushes fare any better than the downtrodden of New Orleans.

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