Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Notes Wed 11 Jan 12

Notes and links of interest from today's postings in the Further Left Chat Room, Facebook, and Twitter are duplicated on the others and here. Updates are added at the top of this post as information develops.

RT - GOP Primaries a dog and pony show? [VIDEO]

You ever seen 100 people in full Gitmo garb walk single file through DC?

SFGate - US refuses to deny its role in car bomb that killed 4th Iranian nuclear scientist

CCTV - Tehran bombing victim was on staff of Natanz nuclear enrichment site:

RT - Mossad it again? 4th Iranian nuclear scientist bombed

Ma'an News - Iran official blames Israel as bomb kills nuclear 4th nuclear scientist

Jordanian Convoy Readies To Send Aid To Gaza

Israel has fired 75 shells during a military exercise into the occupied Lebanese territory of Sheba'a Farms,...

SFGate - Iranian Nuclear Scientist Killed in New Attack Against Program

CCTV - Separate attacks kill 10 in northern Mexico

News24 - Nigeria chaos grows, 16 killed in attacks

Washington Post - WikiLeaks: US secretly backed Syrian opposition groups

YouTube - Minister Farrakhan Responds to President Obama's NDAA Bill

RT - The New York Times employees are in revolt

RT - 'US builds hospitals in Georgia, readies for war with Iran’

RT - US laundered millions for drug cartels

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