Friday, January 06, 2012

Notes Fri 6 Jan 12

Notes and links of interest from today's postings in the Further Left Chat Room, Facebook, and Twitter are duplicated on the others and here. Updates are added at the top of this post as information develops.

IntelNews - Mossad spy network allegedly busted in Mauritania

World Socialist - The 2012 US presidential campaign begins: A cynical exercise in duping the people

Not what you've been told is it! LIBYA: Gaddafi's "Direct Democracy" = The ONLY REAL DEMOCRACY !!!

Ma'an News - Arab League asks for Hamas help with Syria

YouTube - ASI Chairman Omali Yeshitela Speaks at A Day in Solidarity With African People

RT - 'US intervention in Iran will drag China & Russia into war'

RT - (ed.furtherleft: UNIVERSAL LESSON) With old ways forgotten, indigenous communities turn desperate

PressTV - Euro falls to 16-month low vs dollar.

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