Thursday, January 12, 2012

Notes Thu 12 Jan 12

Notes and links of interest from today's postings in the Further Left Chat Room, Facebook, and Twitter are duplicated on the others and here. Updates are added at the top of this post as information develops.

News24 - Zuma takes aim at UN over Libya airstrikes

Fox Shut Out of Canada Because of a Law Against Lying During Newscasts

News24 - Marine unit urinating on murdered victims identified

EurasiaReview - After Iran, Venezuela

Salon - More murder of Iranian scientists still terrorism

ForeignPolicy - Israel's emerging 'Jewish Hezbollah'

World Socialist - South Africa's ANC at 100: A balance sheet of bourgeois nationalism

RT - Judge rules in favor of Occupy Wall Street protesters retaking Zuccotti Park [VIDEO]

RT - US Marines urinate upon dead Afghans on camera [VIDEO]

PressTV - The Russian government has announced it will not join proposed US and European sanctions against Iran's oil.

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