Saturday, October 01, 2011


The Revolution Lies in the Heart of Every Oppressed Human Being

Gertrude Taylor

The revolution lives in my heart and your heart too comrade. The revolution lives in the body of injustice, waiting, like a self-contained virus to prey upon the parasitic classes. The revolution lives in the souls of those enslaved by the miserable system that breeds inequality each and every single day. The revolution lives in the minds of workers that are stepped on by the corporation every day of their lives.

The revolution brews in the hearts of maids who slave away to satisfy the slightest whims of billionaires. The revolution lies in the hearts of children who are born poor only to be buried in poverty. The revolution dwells in the emaciated bodies of starving children all around the world.

Do not fear comrades, do not fear the truth inside of yourselves. Do not fear the voice of revolution coming, do not fear the act of stripping away the layers of bourgeois decadence. Do not lay still, instead embrace history, embrace the voice of radical revolt, embrace the meaning of justice as it flows through your very blood.

One more day, one more week, one more month, it matters not, the revolution is on its way for I feel it in my blood and you feel it in your blood too. The revolution comes and we will rise together to crush the ruling elites, we will rise together to revolutionize the society that we live in.

Do not fear yourself, for you are the revolution, for you are history, your actions, your movements, the consciousness that flows through your very blood.

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