Sunday, September 25, 2011

Palestine Solidarity

The Malmo Appeal

to Recognize Palestine at the UN

By: Salim Nazzal 25 September 2011

Dear the friends of Palestine in Malmo and Sweden
As we gather today to express the solidarity for the membership of Palestine in the UN, my thoughts go to our grandparents and parents who went in the long road of pain and suffering more than 7 decades to defend their right to live in peace and freedom in their home country. My thoughts go to my people in Palestine who are subjected to all sorts of atrocities, from the daily humiliating check points, to the daily terror raids, and to the confistication of Palestine land to build settlements and to the Palestinian prisoners of conscience arrested because they oppose the occupation.

My people have been exposed to one of the most in justice in modern history. Much Palestinian blood and tears were shed on the land of Palestine during these years. And the Zionists are not a classic occupation; they seek all the time to destroy us physically, culturally and morally by the support of the western world.

They thought in 1948 that they will bury the name of Palestine forever, but time has shown that despite displacement, occupation and terror the will of Palestinians was not broken. For that reason let me say today in the loudest voice, the voice of the Palestinian victims is louder now more than any time before.

Dear Friends of Palestine
The American administration threatens us to use the veto to deprive my country to be a member in the UN. We see the American veto a veto mixed with the blood and tears of millions of my innocent people who harm nobody. The American veto is used to legitimate occupation, land grab and Zionist atrocities, and big shame on this veto.

Therefore we tell the USA to stop claiming supporting freedom of the Arab spring because we know they are HYPOCRITICAL. .The USA has a long history in supporting the oppressive regimes around the world, and in Palestine we are occupied by American vetoes and American money and American arms.

Let me address Sweden and Europe. We want Sweden to restore its leading role in supporting the question of freedom and human rights, and we want Sweden to take courageous step as the one done by Olaf Palma who received Arafat against the Zionist and American will in 1983. Palestine is the moral test of the west and not voting for Palestine would mean the fallen of the European morality.

Dear Friends,
The Montevideo convention in 1933 sets out the definition of the statehood by three major points, a permanent population, and defined territory and a government and Palestine fulfils all these conditions.

While the UN accepted Israel as a member in the UN on two conditions, which Israel never respected; the first is to accept the partition plan for Palestine, the second to allow the Palestinian refugees to return home. As Israel has not honored either of these resolutions, it cannot be a full member of the UN.

The question is crystals clear, there is occupant and occupied and the time on playing on words is over. We negotiated them 20 years while they are stealing our land, and while they do all sorts of crimes against our people, and all this demonstrate beyond doubt that peace is the last Israeli interest. Therefore the Palestine question must go back to the UN because it started there and we do not accept anything less than the international law.

It is a historical days for us Palestinians who suffered 63 years of occupation and exile but did not give up the Palestinian dream.
It is a historical day for Palestine the spiritual capital of the world which was deprived by Zionists to resume its role as the centre of the culture of tolerance on earth.

Thank you all
God Bless Palestine. God bless humanity

Malmo, Sweden.19 September

* A Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. -

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