Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shouting In The Dark

Bahrain's Not So Pretty Spring

Bahrain is a small island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf where the overwhelming Shia Muslim majority are oppressively ruled by a single family of the five percent Sunni minority, that of its king. People fighting for democratic rights broke their barriers of fear, only to find themselves alone and crushed. That seemed at first glance to be a matter of Arab on Arab. It was done through a military invason by Saudi Arabia, another sybmiotically glued US puppet state where a king owns the people. But seeming is not always what is. Somehow the great self thought "humanitarians" of western nations missed this particular peoples' rise and fall. That they did should in itself reveal the story behind the story. This is the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world. But not quite, for Al Jazeera was the single news source that remained to follow the Bahranian peoples' journey of hope to the carnage that followed. And, now we know.

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