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Dissecting Zionism

Based on two lectures by Salim Nazzal in Oslo shortly after the Gaza war.

February 2009.

My concern is to light on the theoretical aspects related to Zionism and its praxis in the realm of politics. One of the primary focuses in history is to understand the historical environment that gave rise to ideas. Trotsky observed that ideas do not fall from sky, after all. They have history and undergone all time in a process of development, they get modified, changed and may die periodically or permanently. Yet as the Fernand Braudel French school of history says understanding the past and its impact on the present can only be done though the combination of various disciplines such as: political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, and psychology .

Understanding the Jewish Zionist history is crucial. We need to understand the whole Zionist world view and how it is implemented in Palestine. I shall give enough evidence that the Zionist ideology is not only dangerous in the Arab world and throughout the middle east but it threatens the world security by inciting and using terror to obtain its goal by poisoning diplomatic relations between the east and west. I use the term Jewish linked with Zionism because Zionism is a Jewish based organization in the final analysis, it is rested ,inspired and motivated by the Jewish worldview and the Jewish self portrait even if I believe that Zionism is as dangerous to Jews as it is to Palestinians. And you know that there are various examples in history which demonstrate beyond doubt that hateful ideologies claimed to speak on the behalf of the group led them to destruction .

In that respect, Zionism is as dangerous as its sister ideologies Nazism and fascism: Zionism is even more dangerous than earlier hate ideology bearing in mind the progress of the culture of human rights compared with how it was 65 years ago and yet the capability of Israel in the present time to commit war crimes and to escape justice. This however does not spare Jews from being responsible about Zionism. Compared with Germans who sacrificed themselves to fight Nazism, and compared with African whites who stood against the Apartheid regimes of Africa, not much Jews have shown the will to oppose Zionism. This explains in my view why the sentiments of anti Zionism and anti Judaism have been sometimes confused because the Zionist state claims to be the representative of Jews worldwide and because the voices of Jews opposing to Zionism are extremely low.

The arrival of Zionists to Palestine has become the first source of wars and conflicts and instability. The evidence is very clear; the number of wars in Palestine in 500 years are much less in numbers than the wars caused by the Zionist state Zionist in 60 years .

However the world today is much different than the times of the Nazi and fascist ideologies rule: the international community is much more conscious about the rights of the natives and the oppressed to the extent that this has become integrated in the foreign policy of some western countries. But unfortunately, the state of Zionists is still at the moment committing acts of genocide but unpunished which naturally raise a serious question whether the question of human dignity and human rights is selective or applied to all humans.

I shall below light on the background of the Zionist movement: the aim is to expose the immoral, reactionary and opportunist and the brutal content of this ideology and its implementation .

The Transfer as a key policy in the Zionist ideology. I use purposely the term transfer which is an awful term for Palestinians in regard to its political association. It is a linguistic discourse arrived to Palestine with the Zionists “immigrant Jews”. This term is much used these days by Zionists and Russian Zionist Jew like Lieberman in connection with his declared plans to uproot the native Palestinian community in the state of “Israel” which compromise more than 20-25 percent of the population and are in percentage as double as the blacks in the USA, and almost equal in percentage to the Kurds of Iraq .

But in the USA they elected a black president, blacks enjoys their rights as the rest of Americans, in Iraq the president is Kurd, the foreign minister is Kurd, in the state of Israel, which has between 20 - 25 percentage of the native Palestinians a Moldavian Jewish extremist arrived to “Israel” in 1878 want the natives of Palestine to sign an oath of loyalty otherwise the transfer plan is the alternative. If the USA demands this oath from American Jews, I am pretty sure that next day titles of all Zionist papers will be the comeback of anti Semitism!!

Nevertheless, by transfer I refer here to a pure historical fact, which is the Zionist transfer of hundreds of thousands east European Jews to Palestine. This term is crucial because Zionists transferred Jews to Palestine by means of mostly Machiavellian ways of deceptions, brainwashing and false promises. European Jews who “immigrated” to Palestine were not classic immigrant per se, but rather a group of trained terrorists moved by Zionists to another country for the sake of replacing Palestinians .

Unlike the Zionist story which claimed that they aimed to save Jews, Zionist needed more Jews even in countries where Jews were fully integrated in the mainstream culture such as in morocco, Iraq, Egypt whom did not need the “Zionist protection” and never asked for it. The reality is that Zionists needed more soldiers to oppress Palestinians and to steal their land. For that reason Zionists manipulated and even terrorized (as in the Iraqi case when mossad agents put bombs in Baghdad Jewish synagogues) Jews to leave their home countries in east Europe and Arab countries on false promises to uproot another nation and to put the Jewish settlers in Palestine into endless wars with the natives of Palestine . To give evidence about what is being said no better than an Iraqi Jew that could tell the story of the Iraqi Jews with Zionism.Giladi wrote that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands.”

The parallel transfer was the transferring of Palestinians from their ancestioral home country by the same ideological mind which the fate of humans, their families, their lives was its last concern. Zionists has succeeded in putting Jews and Palestinians and Arabs in antagonist position which naturally has contributed in worsening the image of Jews in the Arab countries. Yet what must be borne in minds that the transferring of Palestinians is not a historical event that took place in the past and stopped, it is rather an ongoing process that aims to empty Palestine from its folk. Since 1967, Israel has built more than 150 Jewish only settlements on the occupied west bank, which inhabited by around half million armed settlers. Most of those settlers are classified as”ideological settlers” .They did not escape from oppression as earlier Zionists claimed. But came from their secure homes in New York and other western cities with the aim of stealing Palestinian land. They believe God gave the land only to Jews and thusly they feel they have the right to steal Palestinian land following the Jewish God.

The wall which Israel establishes is perhaps the longest discriminatory wall in history. The Berlin wall is a baby wall compared with the Zionist wall. The consequence of building this wall is disastrous on more than 250,000 Palestinians farmers who would have no access to enter their land. The Zionist wall has turned the cities of Qalqilya and Tulkarem into open-air prisons or into Ghettos as if Zionist who mostly arrived from Ghettoes in East Europe seeks to turn Palestine into number ghettoes for Palestinians. The Paradox is before Zionist invaded Palestine, Palestinians have the land and Zionists lived in ghettoes, After the Zionist invasion, they live in Palestinian villages and cities while Palestinians live in Ghettoes.

However I will use the comparative methodology between two Jewish groups to demonstrate that there was a peaceful alternative to the Jewish problem in Europe and that this solution was adopted by a major Jewish movement which was born in the same year as the Zionist. The difference between the two Jewish groups is that one sought to struggle for democracy in their home country, and Zionists which sought to transfer Jews to Palestine thinking that this could be the best solution. This question was brought to light in the late 19th century which witnessed the rise of nationalism and nation states question which was sweeping all over Europe and the middle east. In that period two major European Jewish movements were born to express primarily the concern of the east European Jews: the Bund movement which was established in October 1897 with the aim of uniting the Jewish workers in a socialist party in Russia. Unlike the Zionist movement which allied self with the imperial forces, the Bund sought to join forces with the social democrat forces in Russia .

The Bund stood against Zionism accusing it with escapism and thusly opposed the immigration to Palestine because it wanted to struggle in its home countries .

In fact the first idea of proposing a secular state in Palestine has come from Jewish immigrants with Bundist tradition. However, it seems that the Bund movement began to lose power after it has taken the side of the Menshevik during the conflict which took place in the beginning of the Marxist Russia between the Bolshevik and the Menshevik. The rise of Nazism in Europe must have been another factor of consolidating the escapism Zionist view which benefited greatly from the rise of Nazism in Europe. Zionists did not think of resisting the Nazi, had they done that they could have possibly saved the lives of hundreds of thousands Jews taken without resistance to the camps of death. But how to explain the carelessness of the Zionist leaders towards the very same Jews they claimed to defend. The answer to this question can only be found in the Zionist thinking .

Herzel the first thinker about the making of a state for Jews made it clear that “it is essential that the suffering of Jews become worse because this will assist in the realization of their plans ”Ben Gorion viewed by Zionists as the father of the Zionist state and a good student to Herzel thinking did not show concern about the destiny of Jews in Europe, he said clearly that the important thing for him is the Zionists in Palestine; because in his view those pushed to immigrate to Palestine under the influence of Zionists will decide the destiny of Jews all over the world. This mean if we put it in terms of numbers he favored the interest of the 600, 000 Jews in Palestine over the Millions lives which could have been saved if Ben Gorion instead of fighting the wrong enemy went to Europe to organize a Jewish resistance alongside other European resistance, because the road to save European Jews should go through Europe and not through terrorizing Palestine .

The logical thing is if your house catches fire the first thing you do is to try to distinguish the fire at your home and not to go to burn somebody else home. Yet the fact that Ben Gorion “needed” their tragedy to invest it in his project to colonize Palestine and to get more sympathy especially in the period when some in British circles began to feel they went too far in supporting the Zionist project. This is the only explanation to the Zionist non concern about the destiny of the Jews in the Nazi time. This would explain why at that moment of history the Zionist interests and the Nazi interest met objectively despite the mutual hate, that off course even if we put aside the rumors about alleged coordination between both to transfer Jews to Palestine.

The conclusion that Jews were not only the victims of the Nazi hate ideology, but also the victims of the Zionist ideology but with one difference, the Nazi murdered Jews one time, while Zionist left them to face their destiny in the first time, and in the second time they transferred them to Palestine to be the fuel of their wars which yet to finish. Yet the obvious example about how Zionist imitated the Nazi image was in imitating the Nazi master plan of “The final solution to the Jewish problem” which its implication was to exterminate Jews. Zionists invented the “Transfer plan “for Palestinians which is the Zionist copy of the final solution of the Nazi, the heart of this plan has been the major practice of Zionists, to exterminate Palestinians, as people, as a society, as a culture and to replace them.

The transfer of Palestinians was not committed accidently by Zionists; it was their vision from the beginning and their plan from day one of their arrival, the mission was clear to colonize Palestine and to transfer its folk. The least they were concerned about was the destiny of the natives of the country they aim to colonize. At a Zionist conference held in 1937 Ben Gorion told made the Zionist final solution clear to everybody when he said that the aim is to "Transfer Arab populations out of the area, if possible of their own free will, if not by coercion ".

The policy they implemented until today goes in perfect harmony with the theorical guidelines of political Zionism which its content can be summarized in few words, the use of violence and more violence in order to impose facts on the ground .

However, despite the similarities between the white racist regime in earlier South Africa and the Zionist regime in terms of the oppressive policy against the natives, yet there are four major differences: the first, white Europeans immigrated to Africa without a prior plan to the country and to the natives. Their immigration was rather spontaneous than being part of a well theorized racist ideology decided from before. The construction of the racist regime was done through a long process in the history of their domination there. Zionists arrived to Palestine armed with clear and written ideology, clear and written policy which aims to transfer Palestinians .

The second difference is that the white wanted to exploit the natives of the country, but they did not send the natives to exile, the Zionists wanted the total uprooting of the natives following the Zionist copy of the final solution .

More dangerously Zionist did their very best to negate the existence of Palestinians while the whites never denied the existence of native Africans. At first they said Palestine is empty land waiting for them, and then Goldamaeir declared that Palestinians never exist, and to end up with Pegin who declared that the real Palestinians are the Jewish European immigrants and not the “Arabs of Palestine”. The letter written in allegorical language posted by a Zionist visited Palestine to investigate the possibility for Jewish state expressed the state of Palestine as a country populated by its folk. “The woman is beautiful but it is married with another man!” History showed us that Zionists decided to murder the “husband” but one thing they did not calculate was that the “husband” has got enough sons and daughters to resist .

Third, the white regimes in South Africa and Rodecia unlike Zionists lacked the “tragic factor” to play on. Therefore they lacked a Jewish lobby which could influence the foreign policy of countries like the United States to put the interest of Israel before the interest of the United States.

Fourth: The fourth difference is the handing of the apartheid regime to its nuclear capacity to the new regime.

But in the case of Israel Iam extremely doubtful that this would happen peacefully as the state of Israel owns a recite of three dangerous combination that never exist in the history before: First, the atomic capacity which Zionist sources call it the doomsday weapons, second, a hateful and suspicious ideology to the entire world, third, a suicidal mentality which Zionists call the Samson factor.

Arab countries need to reevaluate their defense policy in order to be able to deal with the Zionist nuclear challenge. Arabs and Muslim states should speak a blunt language to the UN, either to disarm Israel from the mass destruction weapons or Arabs develop equal defense system.

Professor Israel Shahak is perhaps the first Israeli succeed to diagnose the Zionist hate thinking .He preceded the so called new generation of Israel historians such as pape and Morris who contested the Zionist myth about the” Zionist moralirty” in the Israeli “independentce war” which is the Zionist name for the war on Palestine in 1948.Professur shahak wrote about the destruction of the hundred of Palestinian villages and cities in 1848.Shahak explained that Zionism is an ideology of hate per excellence. Its world view is based on the view that the whole world hate Jews and this hate is going to be eternal!

I met Professor Shahak 20 years ago and I had with him two conversations where he mostly focused on delineating the ideology of hate. He had no hope at all in a peaceful solution with Zionists; iam indebted to professor Shahak, in educating me about the nature of the Zionist destructive thinking. I have no single doubt that his ideas about a real peace with non Zionist Jews is the only possible exit to reach a peaceful agreement in Palestine is still practical on the present and would be so in the future .

Indeed there is no single example in modern history of nationalism that a nation is built on the ideology of hatred as the state of Israel. I use here the term nation despite my belief that Judaism is rather a belief with multi cultural adherents. Zionists secularized and politicized the religious Jewish idea which says that” The world is against Israel because Israel claims to speak truth and represent the true god, thus telling everyone else that they're wrong” into a form of monopole and even dictatorship over truth which only Zionist own. Modern nations were born out of continual existence on a certain territory with common history, language, in other words geography and history are interconnected where as Zionist used Bronze Age history blending it with modern national fantasies in their theoretical construction and mass murder in the implementation .

The question which many today ask is whether Zionism is going through a process of change, modification or decline which consequently might pave the way for fundamentalist Judaism to take over? This question is relevant as we today witness a radical development in the Israeli political map, a gradual weakness of the traditional secular Zionism opposite to the rise of the Jewish fundamentalism as the later Israeli election demonstrated. To what extent is it right to say that the state of Israel breaks with its Zionist tradition which might lead to transforming the state into a form of Jewish Taliban is not early to ask any longer because recent developments of the weakening of traditional Zionists show that such transformation is taking place? This development is essential because it might transfer the nature of the Arab Israeli conflict towards a total religious confrontation between Jews and Muslims which might extend to all over the world. This is not only the view of politicians but also the view of professionals such as the Israeli archeologist Maer Ben David who spent 39 years working in the Jerusalem archeology and thinks that the blind Israeli policy is pushing the world towards a large scale war between Jews and Muslims .

Thus the transfer of the Jewish problem from a European affair to the Middle East is the most dangerous developed in the 20 century. Its consequences have become far dangerous than it was assumed in the European circles which supported this project. The tension which occurred between theUsa and the Soviet Union in 1973 has made the world hold its breath for the fear of a nuclear confrontation .

The Middle east, prior to the establishment of the Zionist state, was in its first steps towards constructing democratic institutions in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. The establishment of a racist state in the heart of the region has affected the peaceful developing of democracy in the region which was responded to by the emergence of the rule of military officers who came to power as a reaction to the new challenge, the victim of these developments were the weakening of the culture of democracy in favor of the culture of militarization. It is also possible to explain the rise of the militant Islam under the influence of the Zionist state which despite the secular nature of its founders has brought to the region the idea of the religious idea which no doubt was, in addition to the defeat of the Arab armies has been the major factor in the rise of militant Islam.

Zionists in the middle east, a history of racism and war crimes

In 1948 Zionists ethnic cleansed Palestine while the Palestinian story was not heard. The war crimes committed by Zionist were planned and the Zionist leaders such as Ben Gorion made it clear that it was necessary to establish the Zionist stat. At that time the Palestinian small nation walked alone via Dolorosa .

The arrival of Zionist to Palestine has brought with them the culture of death and destruction, such as the culture of putting explosive in crowded markets,, or the Zionist invention of sending explosive letters or even putting truck loads of explosive at civilian place with the aim to create general fear as the explosives they plant at an orphan school as in Jaffa in 1948. The ideology of the Zionist murder has been practiced to the extent that many have wondered if there found in the dictionary of atrocities anything that Zionists did not commit in Palestine. Zionist were the first who introduced bacteriology war fare “The Hagana put typhus bacteria into the water going to Acre, the people got sick, and the Jewish forces occupied Acre“

Zionists murdered children, old men and woman, murdered writers, poets, journalists, they murdered UN convoys and UN soldiers, murdered international solidarity workers from the United States and Britain, and murdered Palestinian politicians, murdered even thousands of Palestinian olive trees, and even bombed Palestinian cemeteries. They bombed mosques, churches, hospitals, schools, and airports, markets. They bombed Planes, roads, bridges, fuel stations, historical and cultural areas, ministries, electricity power plant, water plant, and traffic police. They falsified national passports for other countries, like in Jordan when they sought to murder Khalid marshal using forged Canadian passports, and like in new Zeeland when they were caught forging new Zeeland passport.

The Zionists policy of murder went beyond national states and borders as Zionist tend to think that the whole world owe them much, they murdered Palestinians in several countries, and in most cases the murderers went free. In Norway for instance Zionists murdered a Moroccan waiter thinking he is a Palestinian leader. They gave the worst excuse: “sorry we killed the wrong man!

The outcome of the acts of Zionists war crimes has led to a radical change in the demography of Palestine, whereby the Palestinian majority have become a minority .The sad thing about that that the western world supported the ethnic cleanings and more shamefully a war criminal like menahem Pegin who ordered the Deir Yasin massacre was rewarded later on with Nobel prize in one of the tragic commit events in modern history. However the massacre of Deir Yasin was not the only massacre committed by Zionists, most Palestinian villages were subjected to various forms of terror. At these dark days Palestine had no friends on the international level unlike the Zionist who enjoyed great support due to their capacity to falsify facts. Today things are different even if Palestinians had not reached the level of influence Zionist enjoys yet are in much better position than ever before and I can see clearly that Palestinians are on the right side of history.

In 1967 Israel occupied the rest of Palestine known now as the West Bank and Gaza strip. The result of both occupations (1948, 1967) is the establishment of three types of juridical systems; the first is the Jewish racial democracy, the fundamental base of this system is the (Jew first). The Jew first politics has meant that Jews are the first citizens of the country. As an example of the too many examples which demonstrate the racial policy of the state of Israel is the Zionist law of return law which permits Jews anywhere to come to settle in Palestine ,while no Palestinian within the 1948 occupied land cannot rejoin with his mother or father.

The Jew first policy and the discriminatory policy can obviously be seen in universities, health sectors, in government where Palestinians are heavily under representated.

The second is that this system Palestinian forcibly turned into a minority after the establishment of the state of Israel became second class citizens, their land were stolen, they were ill-treated on all levels, economically, culturally, politically etc. As an example they lived until 1966 under tough military role which restricted their movements... There are thousands of stories about discrimination which they are subjected to on daily level to the extent that not few Palestinians working in cafes, restaurants etc change their names and get Jewish cover names to avoid repression. One of who experience this told me that the owner of the restaurant told him that Jews would not like being served by Arab waiter, so he proposed to him to use shlomo as his name at the restaurant. (I had to live as Shlomo, but in my heart I hated that name despite that it protected me from the daily Jewish mobbing which some Arabs are subjected to .I hated that name because it was for me a symbol of repression). Palestinians are deprived from public offices; there was no Palestinian minister in all Israeli governments, no Palestinian ambassador, only in recent years, in its attempt to beautify its racist system Israel appointed a minister and an ambassador while keeping in essence the same racist policy. The third law is which applied in the west bank and Gaza in which Israel plays the role of the direct occupying power and the role of imposing Jewish settlement confisticated form Palestinians.

The only matter that changed after the establishment of the Palestinian authority in 1994 is that Israel continues its occupation but with a Palestinian cover. While, the Palestinian daily life is controlled by Israelis in every aspect.

The Zionist policy, playing off on east west contradictions

Throughout past history Zionists were playing on all cards, they pressed on the European consciousness about what they call holocaust, a horrible mass crimes committed by the Nazi against millions of Europeans of different faith and ideologies... Yet Zionist who claimed to be the sole speakers of the Jewish victims demanded from Europe not only financial compensination and moral apologies, not only support to transport million of European Jews to Palestine against the will of native Palestinians, but also wanted to abuse Europe to give them continuous insurance and coverage for Israel atrocities, something which Europe cannot bear any longer. The major aspect of political Zionism is its hypocrisy and double standard: Zionists produced different discourse to fit all the addressed, cooperated with imperial powers to be their watch dog in the region, presented themselves to the socialist Europeans as a socialist party and even as a liberation movement, addressed the angelical Christians in claiming that the realizing of the state of Israel is the pre condition to the reappearing of messiah .

They preached multi culturist discourse in countries where Jews are minority and mobilize the media for the smallest anti Jewish episode while in Palestine they exhaust every deception existing in the dictionary of theft to steal Palestinian land and to oppress Palestinians by all means which made earlier colonial occupations baby occupation compared with the Zionist occupation.

However, the influence of the Jewish Zionist lobbies to divert the USA politics to put the interest of Israel before the interest of the USA itself. The congressman Paul Findley describes this influence.”There is an open secret in Washington. I learned it well during my 22-year tenure as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. All members swear to serve the interests of the United States, but there is an unwritten and overwhelming exception: The interests of one small foreign country almost always trump U.S. interests. That nation of course is Israel .”

Indeed Zionists succeed in “marketing” Israel to the western public opinion as an extension to the European culture in the same way as Canada, Australia and the USA and New Zeeland are the extension of the European culture. Its role as a watch dog was designed from the beginning as a client state. The American description that Israel is the cheapest American plane carrier applied perfectly on the Zionist state. It is crucial therefore to understand this point because as I shall prove later Israel did its best to create the condition to fit this role including using terror against the west. This discourse was no doubt very successful for some decades because it helped them to present themselves as defending the west and carrying the western civilization in the “backward” east. But after decades of over consuming the anti Semite and the holocaust trademarks to justify their terror most intellectual circles in the west became skeptical towards the Zionist discourse, I heard this many times from intellectuals and politicians in the west who became tired of the endless Zionist propaganda. The American Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein who himself lost closed relatives in the holocaust is required reading on this subject: "The Holocaust industry: reflections on the exploitation of Jewish Suffering" and "beyond Chutzpah: on the Zionist misuse of anti-Semitism and the abuse of history.

The terrorist attack which took place in 9.11.2001 in the Us was the (treasure) Israel found to get western support after the world became saturated of the anti Semite claims, especially it came at a period when many analysts predict that Israel is not needed any longer as a watch dog for the imperial powers after the end of the cold war.

Indeed this “treasure” was a great fortune to Israel which responded immediately and labeled itself as part of the “civilized” world which fight “terror”. This explains the profound joy in Zionist circles which transmitted the “treasurious “pictures of Palestinian kids dancing joyfully after hearing about the New York attack. Whether this incident was true or made up by Israelis it reveals the point which I seek to further, the huge efforts of Israel to play off the contradictions between Arabs and the west so they could be the spoilt child of the west who would turn blind eyes to the Zionists atrocities as was the case in the past decades.

The Zionist leaders knew that the rise of a unifying power in the region would weaken their position. Fighting the regime of Nasser is a good example of the Zionist aggression towards the Pan Arab Nasser. The efforts to creating contradictions between the Arabs, and Muslims and the west have become a fundamental base in their policy. A look at the literature written by Zionist like Bernard Lewis and Daniel pipes and the sites and papers which agitate against Arabs and Muslims, which seek to put the West against Islam one will find that all of them support Zionism and occupation, they are either Zionist Jews or Zionist Christians .

The Zionist incitement against Iran is too many to count. Even Turkey a member of the Nato and enjoys good contacts with the Zionist state was not spared from the Zionist incetment.In a recent article by the Zionist Daniel pipe under the title ,Does Turkey still belong to the Nato, Daniel clearly casts deliberated doubts about the position of Turkey by saying that” We appear to be witnessing the emergence not of a robust NATO following the Claes-Aznar model, one leading the fight against radical Islam, but an institution hobbled from within, incapable of standing up to the main strategic threat for fear of offending a member government”. Naturally Pipes did not forget to remind that Aznar was among those pro Bush politicians in Europe who advocates the west to focus on the Islamic enemy of the west !

Palestinians who lived the Zionist horror over 60 years would surely laugh when they hear that Israel is fighting “terror” but unfortunately it was not the case for many in the US which for various reasons beyond the time of this lecture are brainwashed by the Zionist propaganda machine. The 9.11 was great for Israel because Israel did not need to terrorize Americans as they did in the Avon affair of 1954.

The Avon affair of 1954 is a perfect example of Israel policy of doing its best to obliterate the Arab American relation. In this terrororist action Jewish spies were caught planning to bomb American Interest in Egypt in order to destroy the Egyptian American relations. The aim of this terrorist attack is very clear: Israel needs to present itself as guardian of the western interests in order to trade it with a Western cart blanch to terrorize Palestinians as part of fighting “international terror .”

The Avon affairs was not the only terror attack against the USA for the same reason devilish reason, to create a distance between Arabs and America .In Iraq ,In their attempts to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews, the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel. (

The hands of Israel is again apparent in yet another episode which took place in Beirut when the American ambassador John Gunter Din was subjected to an assassination attempt at the period when he initiated the first American contact with the Plo in 1980.According the Lebanese news paper Al Safir, the American ambassador told that “I was the goal of terrorist attract, done by automatic guns American made machine guns delivered to Israel”. Ambassador Gunter said that he thinks that the Israeli mossad has something to-do with this terror attempt. Din was criticized by Israeli media because he opened dialogue with the PLO, according to Al Safir; Gunter thinks that Israel used local Lebanese militia to assassinate him. Gunter sought to know the results of the interrogation about the assassinated but he found only silence in Washington, and he knew later that the arms used were given from Israel to its Lebanese alliances.

All these terror attacks are part of attempts to achieve the goal which Zionists seek to achieve, to create tensions between Arabs and the US, tensions between the Islamic world at and the west. The playing off on an imaginative cultural tension where the Zionist state is portrayed as part of the “civilized forces” is done alongside the Zionist tradition policy of splitting and dividing to gain power. The question is, did Zionist succeeded in anything regarding putting the Islamic world against the west?

The answer to this question is yes they had some limited success especially during the term of George W Bush whose his administrative was much in affinity with the Zionist thinking .Yet it is clear now that the new American administration is rather aware of the past. Obama addressed Muslims in more than an occasion which is promising signs towards an American position away from the Zionist influence. I think Arabs and Muslims need now to take initiatives towards the Obama administration in order to repair what Zionists in tell Aviv and Washington dc has damaged.

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