Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Evolution Revolution

Rethink & Question the Indifference

Peaceful demonstrators, intelligent Freedom Fighters.
They have watched themselves being watched as the world has scorned them.

The Israeli's historical version of events has led them to take the only stand open to them.
To stand with their unarmed bodies. Their bodies are their only voice now. Their cries are their bullets, and their camera's are their only guns.

Israeli's are protected by
1) (and most importantly) Distance.
2) Body armour
3) Sniper rifles
4) Fences and meshing

The young protesters hold flags jump around every Tuesday as part of their peaceful protest to be recognised as
1) Not being Bombers
2) Not throwing stones
3) Not having Armour
4) Being a regular event.

One Palestinian blogger writes
"This is the weekly protest against Buffer Zone Tuesday June 7th 2011, and the demo is going in a peaceful way, when the protesters reach the area, Israeli army began to shoot live bullets and one guy is injured on his neck, his name is Mohamed Kafarna, (he is 19) We took him to the hospital and took medical care and he is in safe hands now ..... We will not surrender and we will continue our struggle. We are not afraid. We will not become silent. We are crying in a loud voice "Free Free Palestine!"

It is devastating to watch as you see their only hope, is that the world watches and witnesses these events.
Be a witness to their cry.
Be a witness to their blood.
Be a witness to the media propaganda
These ARE Muslims, but they act more like Buddhists.
The world does not care about Muslims, so they will die for you until you do care.
Is this the evolvement? .. Is this Our enlightenment?

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