Sunday, March 22, 2009

Danger Of Obama


I was talking with one of my sons a few days ago; the one who is a world traveler,very leftist in idea and thought.
As usual ,when He and I speak,the conversation soon turned to politics, and other world plagues.
I began my usual rant about the USA,capitalism , Communism,and all the other ism's I could recall at the moment.
My son,or so I thought and am still convinced of, is very progressive(left to fellow USA'ers).
You can imagine my shock and horror when he said how good of a man Baruch Obama is,and how he is going to change this country and the world. My first response to him,when I regained my ability to speak,was"But the bombs are still falling!Gitmo is still open! There is still a boycott on Cuba.
How is he different then George Bush?" His only response was," But Obama is such a nice guy. We need to give him a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day."
That is when I realized just how dangerous Obama really is. He is dangerous because he is a nice guy. I would not mind playing a game of hoops with him. He is a very likable person.
For a good part of my life I was an insurance salesman. I was very successful,and made a very good income doing it. The reason was not because of any secret technic,or training. The reason of my success was that I was a very likable person and people trusted me. Everyone assumed that because I was likable, I was also trustworthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was out to make every dollar I could, any way I could, and that meant I had to sell everyone all the insurance that was possible to sell them. No matter if they needed it,no matter if they could afford it,no matter if they ever collected a dime on it or not. My aim was to Sell,Sell,Sell.
The only reason for this confession,is as an example of how dangerous a very likable enemy can be. When W was in office,most knew him for what he was. Not many trusted him at all. He had very few friends,and look what he managed without friends and the help of the people of the world. It is not hard to imagine just how much more Obama can do with the world loving him as it does.
The last thing the mouse saw was the smiling face of the grinning cat.

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