Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Come in Peace

Habitantes De Alfa Centauro Encuentra La Sonda Voyager

(Spain) by Ismael Serrano

A new song on the Further Left Music Program. One of our members who sent it in has translated it for us. It is a beautiful song with beautiful words.

Traveling in space eternal night
our small ship sidereal
was to find that probe called Travelers.
The discovery caused great commotion,
the stopped clock futile cosmos.
Not alone in this fucking universe.

The probes are,
beautiful love songs,
images, sounds strange
a remote world.
What a unique breed!
A human being is
who put an end to pain.

Our sages had to conclude
that a civilization so,
have finally found peace and harmony.
They have banished the war,
hunger, inequality, borders.
We have been taught to sing such beautiful melodies

Going for the blue planet,
Land called them,
those who give birth
in this dark universe.
Laugh (someone cried).
All crew
was a bundle of nerves.

Our minds began to fly:
green forests, its deep sea
immaculate glow under a clean sky.
We decided finally landing
where would be the height of humanity:
Africa, where the primitive human.

What a great celebration
the night came to an end,
soon a beautiful lesson,
teach us to live.
What a unique breed!
A human being is
who put an end to pain.
Inhabitants of the earth,
our little divinity
we come in peace.


Probe voyager has a message for the earth, with speeches, songs and pictures, the song says that the aliens when they see the pictures, thought that humans are a species that has no hunger, there is no misery, there is no contamination This is what the song says, in other words extraterretres see the message, they say they come to visit us in peace

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