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I Hate Chinese Days

Hello people I just re-joined the forum after a while since I happened to have googled what was in my mind the other day, which never occurs very rarely at all in my life and maybe in some of yours too, this is something I think should share about:

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2008-09-28 18:40:24

I live and work in China and I am married to a Chinese. The people whom I work closely with on a daily basis are really great and I am generally happy to interact with them. The majority of people in the greater population, I can't stand.

Sorry to offend so many Chinese, however, from my experience, I feel that China is simply culturally inferior to most Western countries. Please don't go hurling that "well nobody's perfect" line of argument towards me. I didn't say the West was perfect or even close to it, all I am saying is that Chinese culture is much more 'less perfect' than Western culture. Here is why:

1. People are just crazy-selfish and have absolutely no sense of 'the greater good'. They are only looking out for 'me and mine', the rest can go f*ck themselves. This attitude is most evident with the plethora of product-safety scandals that have rocked the country. The latest being melamine milk that's killing babies and giving many of them kidney stones. In this instance it was 100% clear that these milk suppliers were *purposely* providing tainted milk so they could water it down and still pass the test for high protein levels. Pure evil, IMO.

This is what drives the culture of corruption so evident here. For another example, just take a look at all the disproportionate number of schools that collapsed during the Sichuan earthquakes. This is because building inspectors accepted bribes from greedy contractors instead of doing their job. The result, your child is dead.

2. Purposely vague, dodge responsability. Most Chinese I interact with who haven't had a Western education or who are not my direct reports tend to dodge responsability. It is a task trying to get a straightforward clear answer from people. This is *not* a language issue as I am fairly fluent in Mandarin, and this also happens with people who are fairly fluent in English. People here just don't want to be held accountable for their (in)actions.

3. Blind adherence to authority. Absolutely no questioning or criticism of anyone higher in the authority chain. This is in line with their top-down, Oligarchical style of government. This also affects Chinese corporate culture and makes for very inefficient or just plain wrong internal management. People just don't feel free to bring up points of conflict or challenge anyone higher up in the company. I just don't see how China will ever be a leader in innovation if the culture remains this way. This is also how the Chinese family is run. What the eldermost male in the family says, goes, no ifs ands or buts. If you don't like you, you will be excommunicated from the family. Everything if made a 'Family Decision', including who you marry and what job you do for the rest of your life. Some people say Chinese families are very strong, and they are, I envy their solidarity, however there is a huge down side to this unity.

4. Absolute disregard for their environment and those around them. This is the reason for all the spitting, p*ssing and indeed sh*tting (I've actually witnessed this) whereever they want. It's absolutely revolting and I can't even comprehend how human beings, no matter how uneducated, can do this. I have seen people encourage their children to urinate on the floor right next to the table they are eating at instead of bringing them to the bathroom. I have seen someone in broad daylight on a busy street in front of a convenience store squat and take a dump. I mean, even domesticated animals know not to do this!

Also the point about driving is true. Chinese, for some reason, all over the world, in their home country or not, drive like absolute maniacs. People have zero regard for basic traffic safety regulations or other people who are on the road. They also incessantly honk their horns at everything and often even at nothing. I am constantly being shocked by people honking their f*cking horns, it makes me crazy it does.

5. Arrogance and naivety. People here are so brainwashed by the government and are shielded from a lot of the negative stories that would have been broadcast about domestic issues. The result is that people rarely critisize the government and have this fantastic idea that Chinese people are somehow fundamentally more morally-sound than foreigners. If a Chinese hears about a violent rape or murder or some such evil crime happening in the West, they will say "Oh yes, foreigners are this way." and asked if Chinese do the same things say "No, Chinese wouldn't do such a thing." Also about political issues people just can't accept reality. They all consider Taiwan a part of China, despite the fact that Beijing has not a shred of control over the island. Don't even try to argue with them about it, they don't value logic and reason as useful for arriving at the truth.

Wow that was a lot, glad I finally got it off my chest... btw, I could make another list about American's if you want (primarily those that live in the 'red' states). It's not that I am anti-Chinese, I'm just calling it like I see it.

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2008?3?12? 3:34:18 by ponder life

Hi John. First of all, I'd like to say I appreciate your postings on this thread. I see that you are genuine in your remarks. I have known many people like yourself.

But I wanted to ask you about something that may run even deeper than cordial pleasantries. And that is genuinely respecting a people group for their power and influence (whether existing or projected). I see many Americans respect and fully accept powerful Western nations as being who they are. Britain and France being full fledged military powers on the global stage as complete equals. These two nations can parade a warship anywhere in the world without any negative political perspective from the American public. Germany and all their auto production and quality of product as one to be respected and admired (as oppose to the contempt given to Japan, but that's another topic all together).

I wonder sometimes, if those Americans (those that truly respect the power and influence of those outside the West) are so far and few between, that Asian countries like China will just have to climb the ladder amidst a bitter and begrudged Western world. I'm sure you see the economic changes that are occurring there and I wonder if, even people like yourselves, are wishing the best for China and the Chinese people. Even if their economic growth means tipping the balance of global world power.

In your 20 years there, you must have seen the changes that have are occurred and will continue to occur over the next 20 years.

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