Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You Are Who You Are

I Can Handle My Enemies,
but I Cannot Handle My Comrades

Being left means having principles that promote more good principles. Why do people support those that lack principles? For any reason. If you partake of what someone offers, and have gained from it, then a measure of thanks is due when it is your time to leave. No true leftist tucks his tail between his legs and slinks off in the night, to only reapear elsewhere without a word being mentioned of it. That is how an enemy acts, a hyprocrite. This type of dishonesty is what allows mankind to destroy itself if they so choose. One should not have to stand alone in this fight against the evil that America heads. To unite one must stay with it, constant, intent on the purpose, but all too many on any side have not the ability to do this. Its a self seeking world and people just drift on, to whatever brings whatever they think it is their need is that day. Life as a game, as something out there outside of yourself, the constant search for entertainment, even in ones desire to protest or rebel or attempt change. Making it into something that fulfills an inner need much more than an outer one that includes all. Revolution as a hobby, a fashion accessory.

One cannot build if they cannot put down roots, accept what the situation is they have chosen, and make it into something worthwhile. This is what a true leftist does, puts the situation before himself, gathering people of like principals to create a power. Using what is there and making it theirs. To explore is one thing, the desire to learn and experience more. But if one leaves principles behind, courtesies, respect, and honesty to do so, that spoils any attempt at moving ahead. One can not build from a dirty base. And those that are drawn to this, out of whatever reasons, become that. You are who you walk with.

I am so very glad to see this ugly false and evil world in a collapse. May all who have made themselves part of it, in action or in thought perish with it and the true and good people who were not part of that abuse, take their rightful place.

Being left is standing on your own, living what you believe in, and keeping a balance that brings progress. Some people can expound on all that should be, they can see the truths, but still, they do not let it become who they are, it is only their image they are building, their cover. Those type expose themselves in time by proving what they really are, and they continue on in their hyprocritical ways not caring about what could have been, but merely, what is next for me.

And to those this was not addressed to, please know who you are.

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