Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mobilization Of KNE

Panhellenic Communist Youth Of Greece
At The Port Of Astacos

A mobilization of KNE took place in the morning of Sunday 18th of January at the port of Astakos where weapons and ammunitions are being transferred to Israel by the US-NATO imperialists to assassinate Palestinian people.

The Palestinian flag has been waving in the port of Astakos since yesterday. Thousands of members and friends of KNE participated in a big demonstration/blockade of the private port of Astakos, making it clear to the government of New Democracy and all the parties that support the "one-europe way", that they will not allow Greek territory to become a base for imperialists to slaughter the people of Palestine.

The Secretary of KNE, Giannis Protoulis, delivered a speech to the mass rally, pointing out that the port of Astakos has already been used to transfer a serious number of weapons and ammunitions from the US to Israel. “We don't trust and we don't believe –he said- referring to the governmental denial that the port has been used to transfer weapons. We have the experience of all the previous wars like Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan where troops and weaponries were passing through Greece, operating their raids against all the peoples who dare to confront imperialism .The government lies to the people once again, as it does every time .They support an imperialist war. Imperialist forces promote and order a cease-fire that can’t be fair and can’t benefit the Palestinian people”.

“We are struggling for the victory of the Palestinian people;"-he underlined- "not for a truce, but for a viable, independent, sovereign State of Palestine”. The secretary of KNE emphasised that alongside Israel, the US, the EU and NATO are responsible for this massacre. "All these imperialist forces are promoting their plans in the region; this is why they fully support Israel and keep the position of equidistance. The ELP’s (european left parties) president, Die Linke expressed its solidarity towards the Israeli people who suffer from the Hamas Rockets, while speaking in an Israeli Community event in Germany”.

“A few days ago in Greece, forces like New Democracy, PASOK and Syn/Syriza, were welcoming Obama's presidency as the “new hope”, spreading fake expectations that have already collapsed like a straw man, despite their efforts to present the contrary through media fiestas and propaganda. How many dismantled dead bodies of young children do they need to see in order to stop trying to cultivate high expectations”?

“We will continue the struggle" –scretary Protoulis said, concluding his speech- "alongside the people of Palestine until their victory! They are already the winners; Israel hasn't beaten them despite its fierce attack!"

The demonstrators of KNE occupied the building of the Port's Administration and they substituted the EU flag with a Palestinian one, "dressing the whole building in the colours of the Palestine”

Neither land nor water to the imperialist killers of the peoples!

Peoples are the only superpower!

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