Thursday, January 15, 2009

The War Makers

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Pentagon Contingency Plan
to Invade and Occupy Mexico

At first, there was an illegal drug trade in Mexico to supply the demands of the American drug users and addicts. This was no problem and brought in an income here for many in Mexico. The drug lords were good people who cared about their community, family oriented, and very responsible. From this, the Americans made the trade into a War on Drugs. And as with any war, the point is to create violence and havoc. Now, America will claim that Mexico is violent because of the American caused war here, and that it is a threat to their nation. So they are sayingMexico will have to be brought down like the many many countries America felt it necessary to ruin and invade already.

All Americas wars, big and small, out front or covert, need to be focused on as a whole and dealt with. Everywhere they worm or bomb themselves into is one more failure to stop this evil crimminal nation that threatens our planet and mankind.

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