Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Africa On Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe stands in the history of Zimbabwe as does George Washington to the US. He lead his people in ripping it from the horrors of racist white colonialist ruled Rhodesia. His goal was to replace white minority-rule with a one-party Marxist regime. Naughty naughty and unforgivable chant the fat cats! To top that, he now thumbs his nose at the West as it tries to apply principles of shock doctrine capitalism in trying to take over again wearing a shiny new neo colonialist cloak.

The situation of Zimbabwe now presented by propagandistic Western news is to cast its president Robert Mugabe as the worst kind of villain. The familiar oder is as the same old US, UK, and puppet beggers of crumbs to be that of one disaster capitalism strategy fomented and directed. "C.I.A" is pretty easy to both spell and smell.

But I am neither African nor of Africa. An on the ground left orriented activist and one of the regular users of the Further Left Chat Room is. I asked for a take on the situation from home perspective. In response, a scanned local newspaper clipping ripped from a South African bulletin board was submitted. Its content is below.

Zimbabweans Must Fight To Regain Their Freedom

For many, Zimbabwe's solution is a simple matter of following the March 29 election results and declaring Morgan Tsvangirai president in accord with the Zimbabwean constitution, which stipulates that if there is no outright winner in a poll, the most votes win.

This is certain to end the Zimbabwean impasse and ensure an instant recovery of the Zimbabwean economy.

An extension of this logic is that President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa has been a causative factor in the Zimbabwean situation.

The South African media is quite vocal in this view and many South Africans, lacking access to alternative or balancing media, have taken to spreading this chorus.

Zimbabwe constitutes an important and significant cross road for the entire continent.

The problem of Zimbabwe is neither for Mugabe alone nor Tsvangirai.

The two are mere characters in a circus that is distance managed by the Western predators.

Mugabe's sin was to see the futility of and dare to dismantle the non-workable 'willing-seller, willing-buyer' principle what had cast the economic power relations in Zimbabwe in stone.

When all this happened all the strings were pulled against Zimbabwe and Mugabe's government to a point where the ordinary people were reduced to eating grass.

Mubabe's second and ultimate sin was to stand firm and not relent to all of this even when his people were down and out.

Poor Tsvangirai was a caricature conveniently made and brought to the fray by the West.

He is such a lucky creation of the West that he is not even bothered by the credibility dilemma he has been painted into.

The deterioration of the Zimbabwean situation so favored by the circus masters of the West that Zimbabweans had been rendered so desperate by the economic meltdown that even Lucifer would have been believed to be capable of doing it for them.

Zimbabweans have a difficult choice: to push for a negotiated settlement involving both Zanu-PF and MDC and save their hard-won freedom and independence from the vultures of the west, or stand firmly behind Tsvangirai with their faces covered in masks.

They could also follow the advice of the West to back the MDC in a bush (ed: emphasis inserted and intended) war to reclaim their freedom.

This is a difficult choice for Zimbabweans, but also the same choice that Africa has to make in deciding their approach to Zimbabweans. It is a choice that other African countries may be made to make by merely being pushed into a precipice quite similar to the one that Zimbabwe finds itself in.

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