Friday, July 04, 2008


Dr. June C. Terpstra and Professor Husayn Al-Kurdi

July 3, 2008

U.S. President George W. Bush recently stated that he would be remembered for liberating 50 million people from the clutches of barbaric regimes. Bush represents a lineage of liars whose expert propaganda turns truth on its hinder for the sake of promoting the power interests which they serve.

It is time that these lies be exposed and translated for the people of the US who do not seem to understand what is being said. We hereby present this guide to understanding a few of the propaganda slogans and terms used by US politicians, puppets, pundits, and propagandists.

"Barbarians" are by definition people who destroy others with utter ruthlessness, mutilating, murdering and enslaving them. This, of course, describes the barbaric, brutal and savage regimes of the US, Britain, the Jewish settler state and Europe grabbing for control of the world.

"Civilization" means people who profess conscientious control of themselves and a reduction in violent impulses while at the same time torturing, mutilating, executing and enslaving those whose lands and resources they loot.

The "savages" are the rapacious bankers, weapons manufacturers and global corporate plunderers of the West, the very same Judaeo-Christian Crusaders who profess to be civilized and democratic.

"Liberation" means no rights or legal status for those conquered, no matter what their nationality, religion, race, or ethnic background.

"Democracy" means not rule "of, by and for the people" but the rule of the moneyed elites over the people.

"Freedom" means enslavement.

"Peace officers" are war makers.

"Rule of law" means locking up the poor.

"Pre-emptive war" means invasion, occupation, and expropriation.

The "terrorists" are the corporatocracy- sponsored military industrial complex using every tactic possible to obtain control over all coveted resources.

The real "terrorist training camps" are U.S. military boot camps.

"Homicide bombers" and "suicide bombers" are infantry men.

"Support the troops" means sacrificing your children to become trained terrorists, torturers and killers for the profit and power of bankers and industrialists.

"Interrogation" means torture.

Police "serve and protect" …the rich.

"Law enforcement" means locking up and lynching the poor and those who won’t shut up.

"Gangsters" include bankers, judges, CEO’s, legislators and lobbyists.

"Globalization" means imperialism.

"Free market" means plunder and exploitation.

"Freedom of speech" means shut up or else.

"Fair and accurate" means with extreme malice and bias.

"Conservatives" are for state control of everything except the rampagings of the rich.

"Neo-cons" are royalists and Zionists.

"Left" is right.

"Right" is wrong.

"Democrats and "Republicans" are Imperialists.

"We’re not racist" means we are racist.

The "axis of evil" is actually the US , UK and the Zionist entity.

Politicians, lawyers, teachers, social workers, consultants, facilitators, advisers, bank tellers, your children, your parents, your families and just about everybody in America are being intensively pressured to turn into informers and agents. Over 2 ½ million persons are in jail, almost all of them from the lowest classes and a preponderance of them Black. Millions of paid informers, police and prison-related personnel and private- contracting gun thugs roam the country seeking their prey, while fatuous priests of all officially recognized religious denominations pray for their success and safety.

While there has been much barbarism throughout the world, the USA has emerged as the worst of all in the annals of history, presenting itself as "liberator" and harbinger of "democracy" while torturing, killing and plundering the world and exploiting and befuddling the hapless folks at home.

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