Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conspiracy Fact

Conspiracy Fact

[Something for the Amercans to think about, it could be. animus mundi]

Someone made the mistake of claiming there's no proof to support the position that there is a conspiracy of elitists.

Some of the evidence, is, admittedly, circumstantial.

Much of it is direct, concrete and verifiable, however. Let's focus on the verifiable stuff.

The Rothschild Banking website states clearly that they lend to governments. So does the Morgan Bank site.

When one loans to governments, which wouldn't be borrowing at 27 -35% interest if they weren't really strapped for the money (and the question as to how this situation arises in the first place demands answering), one controls the governments one has lent to and that jibes with this very real statement: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws." Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild

The Federal Reserve system really does make people work almost four months a year to pay backs the loans.

The IRS really is not a legal government agency and there really is no law on the books requiring American citizens to pay income tax. But they really do confiscate everything and put people in Federal penitentiaries if they don't pay anyway.

There really is an Israeli Supreme Court building that contains an inordinate number of Masonic symbols and the letter of Dorothy Rothschild to Shimon Peres telling them that they intend to "gift" Israel with the construction of the building and listing provisos does exist.

The Georgia Guide Stones really exist. They really do say, in 12 languages, that the Earth's population should not exceed 5 E8. Take a cruise on Georgia Highway 77 and you'll find them seven miles north of Elberton.

The world really is descending into a prison state for no good reason.

Hi-tech electronic and sonic weapons deployed by the US in Iraq really are being deployed in the US now and they are being trained on citizens of the US. Citizens deemed "dissidents" are really being harassed and repeatedly assaulted by these weapons. The radiation from these weapons has been picked up by recordings made by these "TIs" (targeted individuals) and Federal attorneys reallyhave been forced to admit in court that US citizens were targeted for assault with these weapons by the government.

Vaccinations that babies routinely receive really do contain Thermisol, a preservative that is a mercury compound, which really does reduce cognitive ability, as well as aluminum and a lot of other nasty materials no one in their right mind would inject into a baby. And a family whose daughter was made autistic and epileptic from those shots just really won their case in Federal court. She was given nine inoculations at once at the age of one and one half years. Two of the injections were proven to contain mercury-based Thermisol.

Some toothpastes, soaps and other products used topically (skin does absorb materials and those materials do enter the blood stream) and orally really do contain Triclosan, so does agent orange - really. One drop of Triclosan in an Olympic-sized swimming pool of water is still poisonous. Triclosan combines with chlorine in water to form chloroform and other compounds.

Drinking water really does contain the very same fluoride compounds, called hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and its salt sodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6), which is in Sarin nerve gas and Prozac. The Nazis really did fluoridate the water supply of inmates to get them so docile that they complied with their deaths. They only used sodium fluoride, a much less poisonous compound.

Despite being warned by ecologists for decades of the effects of pollution, world governments continue to pollute the atmosphere at an increasing rate. They see ecological systems shutting down. Yet they continue.

Nazi scientists really were brought to the US after WWII and really were integrated into the military-industrial complex. Have you heard of Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra? Former CIA agents have, and they've blown the whistle on it.

Prescott Sheldon Bush, father of GHWB and grandfather of GWB, really did have his holdings frozen by Acts of Congress for aiding and abetting the Nazis. Look for: Vesting Order No. 126, Vesting Order No. 248, Vesting Order No. 259 and Vesting Order No. 261 at the Library of Congress. See The US Library of Congress and The US National Archives & Records Administration. Do the research. Americans need to know just how deep the Bush involvement was.

President Bush really was pictured at the 2007 memorial service for 9/11 making the horned hand signal that he, and his family, make so often. Perhaps he was honoring the Texas Longhorns at that ceremony. Gooo, Texas!

Top scientists have admitted what HAARP can do - and one of the things it can do is cause atmospheric disturbances that mimic global warming. Put your tin foil hat on - because that baby really does produce scalar waves. No, scalar waves are not only produced shortly after the Big Bang. Nikola Tesla really did it and HAARP is based on that research.

I could go on...and on.

Any theory should be replaced with another that explains more phenomena better.

I know of no explanation that explains what we're seeing on the ground than that the world is being controlled by a financial elite, a financial elite that goes on the bar nothing principle and has proven to the world that it is capable of any atrocity and engages in them with relish.

If another explanation that explains more of what we are witnessing and/or does so better is presented, I'll be the first to amend what I now think to be true based on a great deal of evidence that is none the less concrete and real because most people feel spacey when they encounter it.

I know it's scary. I know it's overwhelming. That does not make it untrue or unverifiable. That certainly does not release us from our being beholden to learn these facts and know just what we're up against.

I know it makes people feel crazy to think about this. I know why. The reason why is MK Ultra.

There is substantiation aplenty for every statement I made here - and vastly more.

I suggest you do the research yourselves. Doing the actual research goes a long way to undoing the effects of brainwashing that we have all been subjected to. Brainwashing can be erased. The process is slow and painful, but it can be done.

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