Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Unwise Man

When it is said that America needs to be stopped in what it does in order to save the world, one thinks of their wars and invasions and underminings. And as evil and threatening as these things are, there is still another and entirely different type of threat coming from them. It is the direction their society and culture are taking that is an all consuming danger to mankind also.

The name homo sapiens, whose Latin meaning, is wise or knowing man, could well be changed to homo americanus, or some such thing. Unwise man, unknowing man, man who no longer needs to think, his needs and security taken care of, his wants tended to, his mind filled with what makes him think he knows all he needs to. And the worst of this, is he is fed on trash and lies and that is what he produces in turn.

Americans have a sick society that taints all it comes in contact with. Their belief that bigger better and more are the goals to reach in life rape the planet of its resources. People so mindless that they brag of their country and shout their love for it while killing and destroying to get what it takes to support them in the style they desire. It takes a twisted mind to feel pride while you are committing horrible deeds.

Much of American society is constructed to make people accept atrocity and horror, perversion and corruption. A daily part of life, one way or another. Very little shock or awe or shame left over anything. The warning signs for wrong have been long lost. Their entertainment is at extremes, pushed to the max to stretch their senses to where danger just seems like cheap thrills and a way to kill some time. Many just sit at home and can watch extreme sports or brutal movies on tv, or real war and killing on their limited to their view, news outlets.

Now even their children are showing the signs of their nations lifestyle and mentality. It is the breakdown of the family too. Each taught to seek his own selfish needs, too consumed with his own image and schedule to build a real home to venture out into life from and learn. A society that cares far more about its animals than it does its people, which is very telling. It should be both. Americans are taught to dislike, or even fear their poor, and envy and imitate their rich. A truly deluded populace, just cooperating tools of their government, playing out the parts handed to them thinking its called freedom because they are content with it.

These people are a failure of mankind to develop into something superior, something beyond that which destroys its own planet and kind. They have veered off into a direction that will destroy all eventually. Willfully ignorant, driven by greed, uncaring and heartless. It is the sum total of Americanization that needs to be resisted and fought against if the world is to be let go on in a positive and compatible way, making its own choices and growing in its own ways. How unfortunate it is that this Americanization has spread world wide, no longer just being a disaster of one nation, but a tendency in many. This route, that is mistakenly called progress, but in actuality plunges us into a darkness we may never recover from. Without respect for each other or the world and nature itself.

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