Monday, July 16, 2007

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The Further Left Chat Room

The Further Left Chat has been on Pal Talk since the middle of April now. It was a good choice of places to land, lots of people from all over the world. Each with their opinion of what is going wrong and where that wrong comes from and telling how things are done in their country. A world view seen thru the eyes of our chatters.

Even a handful of grateful escapees from America have decided to stay around and they are providing good views of why they decided to leave, and their new views from other lands. And we have some of our old time regulars too, and a few, but very few, Americans that stayed in their country but still somehow manage to see the truths of it and tell the inside view. All in all, a very good combination.

Learning and understanding and exchanging ideas and information is what we need for a hope of getting things back under some sort of balance again. Exposing the lies. Passing along our truths to link them together to make them stronger. With the ability to decide who should stay and who is there to just detract, the chat room is really shaping up into something very worthwhile.

What we are trying to accomplish, in this much abused world, is a place for people to gather to exchange what they have learned and how it fits or differs from each other, in order to gain more knowledge. It is a room for people to unite that are moving in the same direction, freedom from oppression, a balance with living in what is left of our planet, and stopping the Americanization of the world, each in our own way.
We are getting a lot of comments saying that such a room is needed and appreciated, and that we are the only real leftist chat on this system, which is an encouraging compliment to know.

It has been a lot of work and dedication but for all of us involved, it has been well worth it.

Here are two good links that have recently come into the chat

Peak Oil rewritten and corrected by our chat member HiTecVagabond

Bill Moyers – Talk Tough on Impeachment. Sent in by chatter Coasta

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