Thursday, June 28, 2007

They Ask Why?

Mexicans cross the border for the high wages. America is a nation of people that get large paychecks to enable them to pay the high price of living and supporting their unrealistic life styles and their governments desires. Due to American mentality many of them just skimp by, making their payments and keeping up with their neighbors and friends, acquiring their posessions and luxuries, and so feel close to their edge frequently. Like the whole game could fold in front of them. They must keep ahead, no matter what, or loose it. But with Mexicans, who know what survival really is and live with it closely, they come to a country like America and its simple and they are able to easily take advantage of it and use it how they need too. They can stick together and make it work. They don’t go for the game, the brainwash, the dream, just the money.

Americans always jump at the chance to make more money, that is what their society teaches them, more is better, even required, if your a good citizen. They even send much of their work overseas to other countries workers because it is more profitable to them. At this point they readily abandon the needs of their own country and its workers, and the excuse that they need to make more money is enough for them. But yet they despise the Mexican and fail to understand that basically, the point and history of America, is to make money. This is Americans highest goal and what they live for. It is what they judge each others worth by, how much you have. The Americans say, it proves our country is the best, because Mexicans leave their own country for ours. But their idea of best, just means we have more money. And Mexicans know better, America has no heart, no future. Its just a place to make money in to better things back home, where they really want to be. Money is a necessity, but it does not make those who have more of it, better or right.

And Americans will ask, if Mexico is such a great place, why is everyone leaving? Like all they can fathom of the situation is the numbers fed to them of how many have come, but see no reasons behind it. They seem to willfully ignore the fact that living next to a so called Super Power that sucks up and uses everything it can anyway it can, causes a small nation just coming to its own again, severe imbalances. Americans only want to complain about the results of what they do, without attaching themselves to the blame. From the theft of Mexico’s land, to NAFTA and The War on Drugs, America severely uses and abuses it neighbor. Time honored ways of life have been destroyed by this, causing changes in the poor peoples way of life that can never really be resurrected. They did not want to loose their homes and fields to modern ways and Americanization, they were more than content, they were in their place on this planet. Not poor, just natural. Mexico is not yet equipped to handle this displacement. And for decades on end, America has beckoned, come to us, we need your cheap labor. The border turned its back and let them slide on thru, making only a little fuss for those who like a fuss. Mexicans just drifted back and forth, benefiting all. And then came the 911 mentality, patriotism and fear. And the American government used this to turn its peoples attention to its latest distraction, hating Mexicans and feeling threatened. Not realizing this whole crisis is not over the workers, but over much deeper darker deeds. To stir a war at the border and militarize it, to arm and finance an opposition army here, to destabilize Mexico, to weaken it from within. And to make Americans feel like they must defend themselves, so what they do to countries like Iraq is really ok, its just in self defense of the American Way. Them against the Terrorists.

Americans refuse to educate themselves with the truth, as their lies won't fit in with it. America should open its borders to the workers and it should call off the war on drugs and give their own people what they want, freedom of choice. Give Mexico a chance to get solidly on its feet and deal with real problems of their own country, not always trying to deal with the problems America has caused them. They are also saying that they would accept the workers, but they are illegal, and illegal is a no no, when it suits their needs. It never bothered them before, and it does not bother them that what they do to Iraq is illegal in the eyes of the world. But that the poor here of Mexico, trek thousands of miles with no more knowledge than their work is needed, that they don’t have the right piece of paper is trivial. I am sure that many of these Americans' ancestors would not have gotten papers if they had not had to board a ship that demanded it of them and did not give them the simple choice of just walking in across land that was once theirs. Give them their papers when they get there and decide they want to stay awhile and learn the system a bit. So very few can get them before they come. There is little way for the poor and uninformed to accomplish this paper feat before getting there. America welcomed these people before, legal or illegal and now they must live with that decision and message.

And besides, it is not ALL of Mexico going to America for better wages, that is a ridiculous delusion. The majority of Mexicans are right here, working living improving themselves and their nation, building a future. And for Americans to think that ALL Mexicans are poor is so incredibly stupid of them. It shows the extent of their governments brainwashing and the narrowness of their view and education.

When it comes time for America to finish its fall from power, they will deserve whatever they get. Evil America. May their illgotten land be taken over by much better people.

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