Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cheney Authorized

The Leak

Since it was reported that Dick Cheney authorized the Plame leak and Scooter Libby has been found guilty on four out of five counts, will the investigation/impeachment continue in that direction? I know that Nancy Pelosi wanted to give the Republican criminals immunity by not impeaching. Frankly, this mess needs to get cleaned out or we'll find another party or two to run this government. Time to impeach Cheney.

The motive? Revenge. Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame uncovered a false flag operation that used forged documents to show that Saddam Hussein supposedly had bought yellowcake from Niger. Would you really get a receipt for clandestine materials? I sure don't believe it. This is like saying a drug dealer got a receipt for the materials needed to make meth in his lab. Right.

All this false evidence was all planned even before 9/11 to provoke a war with Iraq. And, all this so that the "war president" could show off to daddy that he could get the job done in Iraq. We are still killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq to satisfy one man's ego - George W. Bush.

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