Friday, February 16, 2007

CIA Sabotage Manual

In the early 1980s, the right-wing Reagan U.S. Government was determined to undermine or overthrow the leftist Daniel Ortega led Sandinista government of Nicaragua. As part of this campaign, the US Central Intelligence Agency produced a small wacky cartoon comic style illustrated booklet in both Spanish and English designed to destabilize the Nicaraguan Government and economic system. It instructed disaffected individuals on acts of sabotage they could carry out to this end.

The graphically illustrated CIA sabotage/terrorism manual was originally published for the Nicaraguan contras. It called itself a "A Practical Guide to liberating Nicaragua from oppression and misery by paralyzing the military-industrial complex of the traitorous Marxist state with minimal risk for the combatant."

Its introduction gives this

All Nicaraguans who love their country and cherish liberty - men and women, young and old folks, farmers and workers alike - surely ask themselves what they can do with the means at their disposal, to participate in the final battle against the usurpers of the authentic Sandinista revolution for which the people of Nicaragua have fought and shed their blood for so many years. Some may think today's armed struggle requires military supplies and economic resources only available to states or terrorist bands armed by Moscow. There is an essential economic infrastructure which any government needs in order to function which can easily be disabled and even paralyzed without the use of armaments or costly equipment using just a small investment of resources and time.

The following pages present a series of useful sabotage techniques, the majority of which can be done with simple household tools such as scissors, empty bottles, screwdrivers, matches etcetera. These measure are extremely safe and without risk to those who use them as they do not require equipment, skills or specialized activities which can draw attention to the operator. One combatant is able to make many of these without having to turn to collaborators or making detailed plans beforehand. These are acts which can be carried out in an improvised way any time an opportunity presents itself. Our sacred cause needs to have more men and women join its ranks in order to perform these sabotage tasks. However, necessary caution should be taken and only when the task requires it, should any person or persons participate in, or have knowledge of, a given act. As mentioned above, the techniques found in this manual correspond to the stage of individual sabotage (or at the most, cellular, with cells of no more than two persons) of the clandestine struggle. We hope the following is useful to all people who wish to live in freedom.

Thanks to the CIA for making this available. That they may live to regret and will continue more so is not the reader's problem. It’s like, well ... sometimes shit just happens, right?

The goofy cartoons and comments give suggestions and instructions on the following:

Don't do maintenance work on vehicles and machines
Hide and damage tools
Throw tools into sewers
Come late to work
Delay completing tasks
Call in sick so as not to work
Leave lights on
Leave water taps running
Plant flowers on state farms
Steal food from the government
Hoard government food
Leave open the corral gates on state farms
Spread rumors
Telephone to make false hotel reservations etc.
Spill liquids
Drop typewriters
Threaten the boss by telephone
Telephone giving false alarms re fires and crimes
(Turn off factory light, unscrew bulb, place small coin in socket, screw in bulb, fuse blows when lights turn on)
Damage books
Break light bulbs and windows.
Cut telephone cables
Cut cables and alarms systems
(Wet a sponge, wrap tightly with string. let it dry, remove string, introduce sponge into toilet or water drain, which will block when the sponges become wet and swell up)
Paint anti government slogans
Increase government expenditure (cartoons show rocks through police department windows, breaking out traffic signal light, sling shot street lights)
Put nails on roads and highways
Put nails next to tires of parked cars (cartoon on how to bend and sharpen them for effect)
Put dirt or sugar into gas tanks
Put water into gas tanks
Cut and perforate upholstery of vehicles
Break wind screens, wipers, and headlights
Put dirt in carburetor (cartoon of sugar in oil, shave candle wax in oil)
Break distributor coil
Cut or remove engine cables
Remove the rotor cap
Ice pick or similar tool (to radiator, gas tank, tire)
Perforate battery and cables (ice pick)
Invert battery cable connections
Put nails in battery cells
Cut down trees over highways
Put rocks on highways
Dig ditches in highways
Pull down telephone wires (how to make a grapple hook to do so)
(How to make sheet steel tire flattening wedges)
(How to make match book, cigarette, wastebasket timed incendiary)
(Precise Molotov cocktail making and use instructions)
Puncture fuel tank with ice pick and blow it up with Molotov cocktail

The entire illustrated booklet can be obtained as a 2 meg pdf format English language download.

There is also a quicker online look at the Crapaganda site with the comic panels annotated in the original bi-language form.

So wait a minute! Even the CIA can't be that dumb, can they? Remember the Watergate break in where they taped open the spring latch of the office door? A janitor found and removed it. The spooks put the tape back! The janitor found it again and called the cops. That was the tip off that eventually resulted in their President quitting. Yep, they can be that dumb and proved it again with their dopey The CIA Sabotage Manual.

That is not some kind of goofy wishful leftist hoax. There is plenty of US congressional investigation documentation backing that.

The frosting on this dumb dumb cake is that though Daniel Ortega was defeated in a subsequent election, the Nicaraguans just elected him again as their president. So much for comic book diplomacy in that nation.

Now, what do you suppose those clowns have been up to in Iraq, Iran, New York, pick a place?

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