Thursday, February 15, 2007

Iranian Weapons?

No Way

The tail fin assembly of a supposed Iranian-made mortar round is marked "LOT3-2006" "81mm" It's interesting to note that today's date in Iran is 25 Bahman 1385. They don't use our Gregorian calendar whose dates are relative to the reign of Jesus Christ, but rather a Jalali calendar which started numbering years in Muhammad's time. If this is truly an Iranian weapon, 2006 must be an expiration date.

What about that word "LOT" hmmm sounds english to me. Well It's a universal language. Or the word LOT stands for something in Farsi.

How about the 81MM size? Well I guess they are made to use in US or NATO mortars since the Iranians use Chinese 82MM mortars and rounds.

This picture shows a picture of the 81mm Mortar round. It's marked "81MM" "HE" "3-2006".

More Gregorian dates. More English - HE stands for high explosive. I guess the Iranians were being kind in using our western dates, our NATO round sizes, and our abbreviations for what they do. Wouldn't that work better if that were written in Arabic or Farsi?

Gee look, this one is set to expire in 2006 too. Hmmm. They have a life expectancy of over 600 years! How can that be? Maybe the Iranians have developed some technology we don't have.

Ok .. this is the kind of stuff Iranians use. They're Chinese 82mm mortars and rounds. How come they look so different? hmmm. Maybe it's one of those in the left hand picture. Yes, the one marked "type 64"

Iranian weapons? No way. Do you think this is a wag the dog? I do.

Watch as the story changes from Iran made these weapons to Iran Imported the weapons. Overstated briefings... Yea, that's the ticket.

Speaking of investigations, I think we ought to find out who is really supplying those guys in Iraq. I think the answer does not lie too far from our own backyard.

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