Friday, November 24, 2006

Tin Post Card

I was given a tin postcard by a dear friend...

Let me do the talking! Serve in silence

Homer Ansley

[between 1941 and 1943]

Initially, I was shocked by it. From the art style, it's a WW II replica. So I looked it up online. Here is what I found on the Library of Congress site:

The "mouth" of the howitzer promises to supply the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) with all the information they need. Civilians, therefore, do not have to offer any details to strangers - or even friends - about production schedules, shipment plans or other potentially useful "intelligence."

Homer Ansley, the artist, worked for a billboard company early in his career, so he knew how to get the attention of the public. Born in 1895, he studied in San Francisco and later joined the Northern California Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Art Project. This poster, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, was created for the (FAP).

It looks like nothing has changed with our gunboat diplomacy since the 1940's. This time around we have a of agression with all of the "intelligence" being supplied by the same mouth of the howizer. The Axis powers (Iraq, Iran and North Korea) are being supplied with all the information they need - a big gun in their face. And, civilians do not need to think anymore while Bush and his cronies rob us blind.

Serve in silence.

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