Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ship Aground

Now What?

President Bush told reporters Thursday that he respected the results of this week's elections that propelled Democrats to power and said he was "open to any idea or suggestion" that will help the U.S. achieve its goals in Iraq.

Poor President Bush ... You've run the big ship aground with your policy of "hold the course". Now What? Most people familiar with navigation will tell you now is the time to assess the situation. Is any water coming into the hull? Is the ship sinking? Where exactly are you? How did you get there? Where might deeper water lie? What is the state of the tide? Whatever you do, do not immediately shift into reverse and increase engine power in an attempt to back off, you might suck up mud and/or bottom vegetation into the engine intake (watch for any signs of engine overheating), and you might further damage the big ship's propellers and the engines.

The ship is sinking. The Democrats will soon look to impeach you. They have a majority in the house and the senate. Now finally, something can be done about your criminal behavior, Mr. President. I'm sure there are committees forming for a war tribunal for you too. Perhaps jumping into the water without a raft would be a good idea for you. The big sharks already smell the Republican blood bath you took on November 7. Take a hint from Rumsfeld. He's already bailed. Resigning might be the honorable way out of this. We don't need to further damage the hope of Democracy in this country.

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