Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No To Cluster Bombs!

Dear Fellow Comrades

In Lebanon, there will be a national demonstration this coming Saturday whose logo is no to cluster bombs. There are 1.2 million cluster bombs laying around between the villages in S. Lebanon. Since August 14, more than 181 cases (according to The Daily Star) have been wounded or killed. 90% of the Cluster bombs have been shot by the Israeli army during the last 3 days of the war.

This is the link about the demonstration and this is the link to the online petition against the use of Cluster bombs. The US congress and UK have refuted to place Cluster Bombs into the banned category of weaponry. Meanwhile, Samidoun have been releasing reports on what is needed due to the post-war aftermath. I hope more people would sign the No Cluster Bombs online petition.

Best Regards

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