Saturday, August 19, 2006


Before the US invasion of Iraq, Bush, who was unaware of the separate Sunni and Shi'ite branches of Islam, became a subject of derision for unintentionally bragging of his lack of lingual competency by stating "They are misunderestimating me." Now, with his nation trapped between those sides in the officially denied full blown Iraqi civil war that his ignorance created, the US defeat in Lebanon (and it is now clear it was a pre planned US war with savagery executed through Israeli proxy), the US seems to be "missunderestimating" again what was, is, and will be.

Craziness is sometimes characterized by repetition of the same stupid action over and over, seeing it go wrong each time, but still expecting a different result the next. Those were recorded by the US in Iran in 1953, Cuba in 1961, Vietnam in 1963, Chile in 1973, Iraq in 2003, and now Lebanon in 2006. Throw in recent changes in Venezuela and then Che's dream materializing in Bolivia, and consider Argentina and Brazil leaning in response to their peoples' aspirations. For tomorrow's menu, keep your eye on what AMLO is up to in Mexico City. Somehow people are realizing that billions for air forces are more impediment than necessity for victory over a not so 'misunderestimating' adversary.

There are telling words of Vietnam's General Giap which have a lot to do with today's 'misunerestimating'. He was asked how he could claim victory when the Viet Cong were decimated in the US Tet Offensive. He replied "It doesn't matter that our forces were decimated, we won."

Though Bush and puppy Blair have 'misunderestimated' current conquest attempts, Giap's lessons of asymmetric guerilla wars of defence seem not to be 'misunderestimated' but rather spread, taken to heart, and applied with success over and over. That is the opposite of 'misunderestimated' craziness.

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