Friday, March 31, 2006

Illegal Addictions



America, Take Resposnsibility For Yourself


Bush was given more to discuss in his visit to Cancun Mexico this week than just his plans for immigration and its repercussions. He was also hit with the fact of his countries rampant drug abuse that needs to be supplied from other than his own country. (Due to prior arrangements and finances and power).

As a nation, America is addicted to drugs, legal and not legal. They feel their illegal addictions can be cured by stopping the flow until there is none available so they must choose something legal. This is an absurd theory and has yet to produce anything but disaster and more of their addicts.

Violence rages in the border cities as this need tries to be met and a war is made from it. It seems America makes a war of everything they can. They are not going to be able to stop their citizens cravings and needs, obviously they don’t want to or they would not be pushing so many similar legal drugs everywhere you turn. Keeping certain drugs illegal gives them the power to undermine a country and ruin its economy.

Speaking of America, the Mexican Attorny General said in an article in todays El Unviersal,

"At least they now accept co-responsibility for the problem," he said.

"In the past, U.S. policy toward drugs resembled "that of the ostrich: to bury its head in the sand and blame everyone else."

"Even so, more needs to be done on the U.S. side.

"It is a problem that in large part they provoke because they are the main consumers, the dirty money comes from there and the people who live from drugs are not here: they are over there selling in the streets." But the attorney general warned that the war against drugs would be won only if U.S.authorities were successful in reducing demand at home.

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