Thursday, December 01, 2005

Posted By Roastedcoyote

Wow Pocho, I didn't realize you had started a blog. I finally saw your comment on my almost inactive blog so I came right away to check it out. You have done a very nice job here, I especially like the fact that you have several contributors. I don't post much myself, I end up reading more than anything.

We just finished up an election in my small city. I helped with all the democratic canidates, we won 5 council seats and the treasurer's seat. Only two republicians got elected so it's considered a victory. In my ward a young woman, Bridget Kelly, ran for and won her first election. She is a very progressive democrat and I am excited to have been a part of her efforts.

I've been busy with IBEW union business as a new officer in my local union. I was recently appointed to be a delegate to the Central Labor Council of the Greater Cincinnati AFL-CIO. It seems to me the more I show up to different groups the more involved I get. I'm on the board of directors of my city's democratic party and up for election this month. All of this has transpired since a year ago just after the US presidential election. I got a burr up am butt and decided it was high time to get involved.

I still remain very upset concerning the Iraq War and the current direction of the United States. Most days the news is so sickening it is all one can do not to run into the street and scream. We have indeed been screaming and it's starting to show in some of the voices we have in congress. When oh when will sanity return? It almost like living one of those drunken jags that has lasted for weeks and knowing it has to end soon but not having the power to do anything about it.

Anyway, it's nice to discover your new corner on the internet, I have you bookmarked and will drop in every chance I get.

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