Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Are The Message

Public information about early native confrontations in the eastern US spread slowly over years by mouth. Ignorant accounts of the western phase of the genocide took weeks or months to print. Early US manifest destiny adventures in Mexico, the Philippines, and Cuba shortened reporting time but little. People could read within a week what they were supposed to believe of the last century's first War To End All Wars. The next, World War II, featured make believe movie news reels lying about and glorying one side's heroes. The people of the US were treated to early television coverage during their Korean defeat, but that was so restricted, few not directly engaged realized there were so many Chinese.

Rapid rapes of smaller nations since received quick mention and that's about all. Vietnam was an exception because of its length. Real credit for ending it goes to the Vietnamese in victory, but reports and films in the US of just a few of its uglier moments helped cut through and harness America's self glorifying craziness. Today's commercial media propagate pre written fairy tale chapters almost concurrent to the underlying events on which they are tagged. The times are changing by speeding communication's stop watch.

A steadily expanding crowd now grows beyond fairy tale age and knows to look elsewhere for the story. I learned a short wave antenna and radio could pierce the fictional shield when the US was in Vietnam. Voice of Havana, Radio Moscow, CBC, and BBC radio were as self serving as the CIA's Voice of America. Taken together however, one could make more informed guesses as to what was really happening. The internet is the short wave radio of today.

There are those that would try control the internet. A conference is in session at this moment in Tunisia fussing over not whether it should it controlled but rather how by who. Whatever schemes are developed will be but sneezes in the wind as wishful masters of manipulation try to determine which computers connect to which others.

The only way the internet could be controlled would be by banning computers. There is too much profit and selfish interest for that. A salesperson without a customer earns no commission. Propagandists lacking audience effectively say nothing. The sellers and the liars need the internet and see their future enhanced by the number of its users. The concern of the various competing interests is that they are no longer alone in fabricating content. They would like to expand the audience but fence the podium. It can't be done. You and I and our friends have voices too. Though we shout from backstage, more and more of the crowd is taking the stroll behind.

Anyone with but little facility can take from the Internet and add to it. Even limitation of differing language is surmounted. Though most in ruling nations absorbed in self satisfying arrogance speak only their own tongue, that self imposed wall of communicative isolation is punctured by much of rest of the world's multilingual capability. The con artists have become their own worst enemy in teaching intended marks to follow the pitch.

Wars and other abuses of power depend in large part on secrecy to insure ignorant supporting populations as well as cannon fodder. That doesn't work well anymore, and we, here and now, are one small example of the reason. What we do here adds to and spreads not only personal belief but information gathered and blended from unfettered sources the world over. Its value is much more than an outlet for political frustration. We know what papers in France and Italy report because of Nur-el Cubical's blog. The thoughts and attitudes of yabasta's Mexican neighbors are spread through her blog, forum contributions, and chat room comments. The more frequent users of our chat room express views and news gained in Argentina, China, England, Germany, India, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, and USA. We transend not only space but time through perspective of ages varying from old to young.

If those we oppose are secretive or lie, we can and will provide what it takes to expose them. Collectively, we can't be stopped. If one of us departs from this partucular chorus, others will arrive to take up the tune. If a site goes down, similar ones will rise. We are heard. We do have an effect. We are the message.

Emiliano Zapata stated "It is not only by shooting bullets in the battlefields that tyranny is overthrown, but also by hurling ideas of redemption, words of freedom and terrible anathemas against the hangmen that people bring down dictators and empires." They arranged to have Zapata killed but not his revolution for the words remained in the hearts of those who continued his dream.

So, what can you tell us today that may help the world out?

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