Sunday, August 01, 2010

Heart and Backbone

This is one of the ealiest posts on the Forum and is reposted here at the subject's request along with a couple more recent faded Google Earth photos demonstrating that though desert paint may fade, people with heart and back bone do not.

I've been spit upon while standing alone with protest placard on a post office sidewalk, distributed in solitude leaflets advising against purchase of non union lettuce at a grocery entrance, held out to hang a jury at 1 to 11 to free an innocent victim of police sting when the cops had been the only law breakers, and was beaten mounting a podium to make an anti government speech at a patriotic rally. Doesn't take much to learn bruises heal and accept names flung as positive evidence of effect.

I once fixed to my house front the upside down flag with skull stars that was posted earlier here, that in response to a gringa who had the gall here in Mexico to hang a flag on hers proclaiming US solidarity. (She never called me names but many passing Mexican workers did wave V and thumbs up signs). That was small, just 8 x 10 inches framed, and hardly noticeable. But, would I paint the entire house to express intensity of inner feelings? Well, first of all, it isn't just my house, and even if it were, I wonder if I could muster courage to apply the paint.

Sonshine did. A trailer home far from neighbors in the New Mexico, USA mountain desert faces the busy I-40 nationwide express highway and tells at glance exactly what flows from the heart of this courageous lady. Might we with some of those highway drivers absorb it into our own and let it be serve as lesson to further open our hearts and stiffen our backbones.

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