Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Shock Doctrine

The shock doctrine is a documentary that helps us to understand this as one of the most comprehensive analyzes of the hidden history of our time. A fascinating description the new world order, which is in a state run amok ...

The analysis of capitalism's destruction undertaken by the Canadian author Naomi Klein with a perfect refined anger, channeled through solid data. In this groundbreaking narrative of the proceedings of the most dominant ideology of our time, the economic revolution "Free markets" by American economist Milton Friedman, Naomi Klein challenges the popular myth that the global victory of neo-liberal movement was peaceful.

It demonstrates that, in Chile in 1973 until today's Iraq, Friedman and his supporters advantage of repeated violence and a series of terrible shock to impose their extreme policies. Reveals the striking similarity between the CIA's interrogation techniques and coercive techniques of the World Bank and IMF, in their attempt to impose disaster capitalism around the world.

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