Friday, October 21, 2011

For Gaddafi

Need To Kill

Listening to a child
on the TV news today
I thought my heart would break
when I heard what he had to say.
We need to kill Saddam,
and get it done today
then my daddy can come home again
and never have to go away.
It made me pause and wonder
what are we coming to?
How have we taught our children
killing is a needed thing to do?
Let's kill Saddam Hussein
and get Bin Laden too
And don't forget Kim Il Yong
he might try to kill us too.
And let's go get Arafat,
and get Quaddafi to,
and all those folks who think like them
We need to kill them too.
Let's drop some bombs on babies,
Women, families too,
and don't forget the old and weak
cause they need killing too.
So killing has become a need
I think one day we'll rue.
Forgetting killing may seem right
when it's not being done to you.

Jeannette J.

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