Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Palestine & The U.N.

TIMES Are Changing;
Europe Must Recognize Palestine At The UN

 By Salim Nazzal 31 August, 2011 As Palestinians now plan to ask the UN to endorse their independence, to ask the Security Council, whose decisions are legally binding, for approval as a full member of the world body, we need to remind Europe of its historical responsibilities and moral obligations. And even if the Us will use its veto (as always to protect the Israeli murder and occupation) to deprive Palestine one of the oldest nations on earth of its right to become a member of the Un Europe must takes responsibility and vote for Palestine.

Europe needs to vote for the membership of Palestine not because Europe is a Mecca for human rights, but rather because Europe created the Zionist Jewish terror in Palestine. And so it became directly and indirectly responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs and the ongoing suffering of Palestinians. Europe has deceived Palestinians who in 1917 trusted the good will of the Great Britain and Europe. Palestine was (given) to Britain as a trustee until Palestinians were able to govern themselves, which created the ground of what was called the mandatory system. As we saw in past history, Great Britain was no more than a state of deception without morals, with no respect to its own commitment and the international agreements.

What did Britain do as trustee? It allowed the transportation of hundreds of thousands of murderous Zionist Jews to whom the term mercy is a foreign. They kill pregnant woman and children uprooting a whole nation and have demonstrated an unprecedented appetite for murdering babies and innocent Palestinians to the extent that the terms Jew or Zionist or Israeli have literally become in the Palestinian mindset synonymous to ruthlessness and murder.

 Over the past 60 years Europe has supported the murdering of Palestinians who struggle to live in peace and freedom in their home country. Palestinian people would not have been murdered and occupied without the support and the consent of Europe, and that of the U.S. which later continued these heinous actions. And Palestinian land would not have been stolen and Judaized without the support of Europe and then the United States which afterwards continued the ugly job but to more disgusting degree.

Europe needs to understand that Arabs have changed and are still changing. The Arab leaders that have been at their beck and call, followed their orders via telephone are now on the run or sitting in cages waiting justice. Arabs have nothing to owe Europe in terms of the struggle for democracy. They are creating their own methods to fight the tyrannical Arab regimes which were friendly to Europe, which is another example of the European hypocrisy on the highest levels.

Arabs are proud of what they are. They are proud of their culture despite all the Zionist and right wing propaganda which aimed to damage the Arab image. Young Arab men and young Arab woman are now facing death for the sake of freedom. And their struggle for freedom will succeed sooner or later without Europe and without the united states. And the intervention of the US and Europe is linked more to their interest than to the Arab struggle for democracy. Meanwhile the enmity of the state of Israel which Europe has planted in the heart of the Arab world is producing a fundamental religious system that makes even the ferocity, the threat of Al Qaida pale.

Voting for Palestine from the European side is only a very small step towards repairing the European crimes towards the small nation of Palestine. But it is an occasion for Europe to show Arabs that Europe is breaking with its hypocrisy, its double standard course which has characterized its policy for more than half a century.

Not voting for UN recognition of Palestine would give Israel a message that it is still acceptable that Israel stand above all laws, immune from sanction and with the blessing of all Europe. This would also signal to Israel that it can go further in its occupation, continue to steal the Palestinian land of the Palestinian people without punishment. And more importantly Europe would send Arabs a message that hypocrisy and double standards have become an incurable disease of the European policy.

 Dr Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian-Norwegian historian in the Middle East, who has written extensively on social and political issues in the region. His writing has been published in various publications around the world and translated into more than 15 languages

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