Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Endless Cruelty

America Has Failed

By Gordon Duff (an Amerikan marine vet) 8-9-11

America has failed. It has become a feudal nation with a dwindling middle class, dead political traditions, a threat to the peace of the world, an economic debacle, the center of lies and filth, not even a nation at all.

America is, increasingly, the brothel for a global conspiracy clearly designed, as 'conspiratorialists' are now raving about, to depopulate the world and bring about decades of civil unrest.

The end goal will be a world dictatorship. You are ruled, not governed.

Do you feel free or do you feel something, something I describe as a worldwide criminal conspiracy that knows no borders and respects nothing?

We have all reached a point where no amount of death, no amount of war, no amount of hopelessness is enough. We are being taught to feed off the suffering of others, taught to take pride in living on our knees. We are being educated, conditioned, we are raising our own children to be things we all should be ashamed of.

In the end, an inexorable end, we will have bred generations, Orwellian generations, capable of endless cruelty.

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