Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Poem

A poem by Swedish author August Strindberg 1849 - 1912

- What did you say to the man over there?

- I said that he should work faster.

- What right have you to command him?

- I pay him.

- How much do you pay him?

- 10 kronor a day.

- Where do you get money to pay him?

- I sell stone.

- Who cuts the stone that you sell?

- He does.

- How much does he cut a day?

- Oh, he cuts a lot of stone in a day.

- How much do you get for it?

- About 50 kronor.

- But then it is he who pays you 40 kronor for you to go around and command him to work faster.

- Yes, but I own the tools and machines.

- How did you become the owner of them?

- I sold carved stone and got enough money to buy the tools and machinery.

- Who carved that stone?

- Shut up, fool!

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