Wednesday, June 15, 2011

See You In London

The English Drop Bombs And Olympic Tickets To Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi's eldest son has been officially allocated hundreds of Olympic tickets to the 2012 London games.

The Libyan regime has successfully requested close to 1,000 tickets to events at the London Olympics and the country’s attendance at the Games is being co-ordinated by the Gaddafi family.

The Libyan Olympic Committee is headed by Muhammad Gaddafi and the British Government now fears a major diplomatic embarrassment over the attendance of regime figures.

The decision to grant Libya the valuable tickets will infuriate the million Britons who have missed out on attending over-subscribed events.

Government sources warned of a diplomatic crisis last night after it emerged that Col Gaddafi himself may try to disrupt the event as a publicity coup if he remains in power in 2012.

The organisers of the London Games were obliged to sell Libya tickets, after the International Olympic Committee failed to expel Libya.

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