Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robbing Whites

Of Their Humanity

Whites have, while no doubt being exploited, received the biggest crumbs from the white world order of the past centuries. In general, Whites can travel freely, speak freely, and bomb freely. But they are losing that most precious to them. NATO and the U.S. is robbing whites of their humanity

By Dennis South

This calls something to mind for me that I think is EXTREMELY important, if not essential, to remember. Though it is PURE FACT that the "white" nations are the nations that have waged this war of aggression and genocide on the Libyan people, we see that it is NOT the white citizens, necessarily, that support this madness.

Their outrage stems from the fact that they have the SAME blood and emotions within them that any other people of any other "race" or ethnicity has. So, it is important to recogize this; to invite their support; and to support them in their struggle to help the Libyan Jamahiriyi, the Libyan People, and Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

But, I must add here a sad note of warning to these white demonstrators, but it is also a GOOD note: You MUST increase these demonstrations, and you must spread them all over your country, collectively demanding the end of NATO's war against Libya. Why?

I am sorry to tell you this, but, due to the "racial" composition of the NATO countries, i.e., the majority composition, your countries are setting you up to be HATED as a race. I have consistently, in my notes, avoided any mention of race. But, I have to speak to the facts.

And the facts are the following: Many human beings can be said to operate on somewhat of a viceral level. When the non-"white" world sees the NATO nations, and the U.S., both of which are majority "white" nations, dropping mega-tons of bombs on an African country of a mere 6,000,000 people in such an incredibly, almost unprecedented manner, the viceral reaction amongst the people of the world will be a feeling of hatred against the white race.

And, I am very sorry to say, it simply is not for us people of the non-white world to redeem your countries. We know, for a fact, that there are HUMAN BEINGS amongst the white people of the NATO nations and the U.S. But the historical pattern of oppression against non-white people, that is now being duplicated in at least six countries, including NATO, is beginning to cause non-white people to ask themselves, "What is WRONG with whites!"

And these are not people of a racist nature that I am talking about. Nor are they people who belong to any particular organization. People in barber shops; beauty shops, and just regular non-white working people are asking themselves HARD questions.

You must TAKE your good reputation that you know that you have as a good human being, AWAY from NATO. This action in Libya is being perceived in Africa, amongst virtually all 1 billion Africans as a white racist war. (and that is no exaggeration, as Africans, from children to adults, all over the Continent, LOVE Colonel Gaddafi, and have pictures of him in their homes, due to the fact that he has spent billions of dollars in development projects in the black African countries). Are they correct? Or are they incorrect?

And I am not speaking of black African LEADERS, too many of whom, unfortunately, are more interested in amassing personal wealth than on helping their own black brothers and sisters. I am speaking of the ordinary citizens of the countries of Africa.

Whether intended or not, NATO and the U.S. is on the road to DESTROYING YOUR VALUE AS A HUMAN BEING, in the eyes of non-white people the world over, something I certainly do not wish to see, personally.

During the 1960s Revolution in the United States, millions of U.S. whites got out into the streets and protested, sometimes violently, against Vietnam and against the oppression of African-Americans. And some of these whites conducted street battles with the police authorities. This is NOT something I am advocating. I am merely pointing to an actual historical period of U.S. history.

Aside from their desire to stop the Vietnam war, as well as fight for the rights of their African-American brothers and sisters, they were ALSO concerned with NOT ALLOWING THEIR GOVERNMENT TO ROB THEM OF THEIR HUMANITY! They no longer wanted to be identified as a hate-filled, genocidal oppressor. The term that used to be used, all over the world, for white Americans was, "The Ugly American."

Are we back there again? Are the good white citizens of NATO and the United States going to stand and allow those entities to TAKE YOUR HUMANITY FROM YOU; to caste you as something that you are NOT? I am not white, but if I were, I would feel immensely outraged, offended, angry, and highly embarrassed, although embarrassment is the least issue.

In just 8 years from 1969 to 1977, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi succeeded in doing something that is virtually impossible in a traditional tribal society: He brought those tribes together under one roof, in a true democratic system. He created a Libya that is the most tolerant Middle Eastern country when it comes to various religious beliefs. He extended equality to the women.

In short, he stood for HUMAN EQUALITY. He fully believed in the Farewell Message of the Prophet Muhammad, which said that an Arab is no better than a non-Arab; a black is no better than a red, etc.. In that Farewell Message, Muhammad said that everyone is equal, except to the degree of his or her righteousness.

I call on white Europeans to STAND UP for your humanity; to not allow NATO and the U.S. to place you in a light that you do not deserve to be placed in.

Should you fail, then those of you who can no longer stand to be in the midst of a careless, complacent, selfish, arrogant, racist population, that becomes complicit by its refusal to say "this is not in my name", will be able to immigrate to Africa, to build a new Universal Jamahiriya, and that day is coming. But before you are forced to leave, try to change the condition of your people.

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