Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Humanitarian Murder

Just a day after admitting killing 9 civilians including children in a bungled airstrike, NATO has been accused by Libyan authorities of causing at least another 15 deaths. The so called "Alliance" confirmed it had carried out another bombing, but has not responded to the allegations of civilian casualties. RT crew in Tripoli has shot some shocking footage of bodies mutilated in NATO bombings.

YouTube presents on its own site an introductory caution before this video. They evidently deem it too gruesome for sensitivities of people from the US and its 'wish they were' nations of NATO's European puppet states, all aligned to bomb Libya under cynical cover of humanitarian concern. Those of NATO societies, rather than being warned away, ought develop familiarity with suffering and decay of burned flesh. They might then be a little more humanitarian.

The video depicts effects from two days ago. The US said that was accidental. Then it was repeated yesterday. There was claim once again of humanitarian accident. Then they did it again today.

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