Saturday, June 18, 2011

Occupation? Racist!

Israel under Occupation!!

I came across this amazing video today.
It was uploaded on youtube on the 07th April 2011.
2 minutes into watching this, it occurred to me that I have never seen the like of this on my TV screen or in the news. Yes I see in France, "Ban the hijab" I see in UK a black school boy going to court because his school does not allow his cornrows hairstyle.
This side of Israel is never revealed to us in the media.

Yet in today's news, a French activist was charged with "Anti-semitism" because she protested in a shop to "Boycott Israel" Her name is Olivia Zemor and she even brought a Holocaust survivor as a character witness to say that what she did was right. And she is NOT "Anti-Semitic"

The Holocaust survivors name is Hajo Meyer. He is part of the International network of Anti-Zionist Jews.

“The challenge today is to know what degree of independence is the foreign justice able to have related to the French government, how long will it go on with blackmailing people with the accusation of anti-Semitism,” said Zemor.

"This is not against any person or group of persons because of belonging to the Israeli nation," Zemor told the court

I have diverted off the main, but we are still in Europe
I have not been a blogger for long, and still haven't taken the time out to find why Israel are part of the EU.
Statistics have recently come up that lots of Israeli's have been applying for Europeon passports as they are able to, as many had come from Europe. And historically it is their right!

So they are part of the EU (If I research this, I will be accused of something, but I really don't care as I know they are not in Europe)

As EU citizens they are required to take refugees. It's a requirement that buys into the IMF guarantee of the lucky dip.
Interestingly enough and off the beaten track .. I was looking at Iraq's refugee's
and found a site called "Rescue-UK" where it quoted,

"Resettlement is an opportunity for European people and their governments to make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children, women and men who will never be able to go home. Europe can offer them protection and a better future."

Israel would obviously not take displaced Muslim's from Arab countries.
So the countries that Bomb these people's countries also dictates to other countries who takes them in. A small minority "make the grade," that's what it looks like to me.
Especially, when UK dictates terms for themselves, that the other EU countries don't stipulate. (Or it's just not on their specification!)

Page 25

In 2007, the government began to resettle Iraqis that
were formally locally employed (LE) with the British
Armed Forces or civilian missions, 69 in total. In 2008,
the UK pledged that two-thirds of the 750 annual places would be reserved for Iraqis; in the same year 307
Iraqis arrived. In 2009, 81 Palestinians (ex-Iraq) coming from Syrian/Iraqi border camps were selected from the
Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Romania

If you look at UK's requirements, it does not look like any other EU country have the same specifications in assisting refugees. Although France looks more militant in stipulating certain requirements.

OK back to Israel.. And the video is called "South Tel Aviv is on Fire"
Yes Gosh !! They are racist.. but we can find that anywhere.
Yet look again, and think of Olivia Zemor in France peacefully demonstrating.
NOT calling anyone a "Thief" "Rapist" and definitely not telling anyone to "Go Home!!"
These racists Jews did not make headlines. They did not get taken to court and sued for the defamation of character.. They were not even arrested for "disturbing the peace"
I was going to say something silly like "Don't they have discrimination laws as part of the EU community?" but of course they do, It does not apply to these people in the video as they probably will say "We don't need laws. We are Gods chosen people!"

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