Monday, May 09, 2011

NWO Psychopath?

Q. What's the difference between a Politician and a Psychopath?
A. None.
Funny joke.
And many a true word said jest? See

One of the hardest things to contemplate about in this world, is how can people justify their actions in wars and terror.

"The end justifies the means" has never ever made any sense to me. (Although I never saw the bigger picture then as to what is the end) It was an old adage when people tried to get to grips, as to what WAS the methodology behind the IRA's terror campaign.

UK's previous prime minister Tony Blair came fully packaged with a toothy grin as he went into illegal wars with the same adage. I was perplexed and puzzled as this man argued for his cause.. Justifying every which way (except to my mind, in the totally opposite direction of sanity) as to how this would help. Source

George W. Bush was the same, although he never felt the need to argue his cause as persistently as Blair.. And Bush's name brings me aptly to the topic, as words can not describe the wonder of this unfeeling man. I have a link here "Bush isn't a moron, he is a cunning sociopath"

There is evidence now that states that 4% of the worlds population are psychopaths. Most are not the serial killers that we perceive in our terrifying lives of film and media coverage. Source. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the world's politicians have this condition.

We see the "Obama bin Lyin" story. We see the birth certificate row. We know in our heart of hearts that this man is lying. Yet most people go on with their lives with a shrug and say " Yeah well, politician's lie" And yes it has been proved time and time again that they do.

We never get to the bottom of the story as the front man is plucked for his qualities to lead people astray. Without a conscience for their country, or the people they are supposed represent. Or to even spare a thought for the millions they are killing and maiming. Could you sleep at night? Could you give seminars as to how to combat terror and take a prize purse for it?

My mind turns cartwheels as to how these people can represent us.

So how do these people get there? Is it a natural evolvement of this psychopathic trait to get to the top, by hook or by crook? Or are they selected for these "qualities"?

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