Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honor Of Victory

Before viewing the following video in beautiful setting as a proud people commemorate their place in history, let us view some of that history and distortions thereof.

The Brits wave the name Winston Churchill around as wartime champion. The people of the US have been taught how they defeated Nazi Germany and repulsed a sneak attack of Japan in WWII. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Prime political motivation of the US for the last 100 and more years has been its opposition to communism. The US army invaded Russia in 1919 in failed attempt to put down its revolutionary move to communism. Germany, suffering greatly from the aftermath of WWI, shortly joined them in that as Hitler sought a way out.

Many of the largest US corporations, banks, and political movers actively supported the rise of Hitler's Third Reich and profited from it. The words "IBM, Standard Oil, Rockefellers, Bush come readily to mind.

The US also struggled at home under global financial depression. Germany set the recovery pattern. That was war, primarily against the communists of Russia. They had eager support from US financial interests. Go Capitalism! Germany's course appeared a way out for the US as well - at first.

But then it turned sour for both Germany and thus its sympathetic US interests. The backward imagined Russians did not lay down. Ninety-two percent of Germany's military casualties in WWII were on its eastern front as it was beaten by the Russian people. Its army in the west left to finally fight the amerikans and brits was reduced to old men and boys.

Time to switch sides? - Well, almost. The US needed a war badly and Germany's was a loser.

Japan needed oil. There were two ways to get it. One was overland through China. Trouble was the Chinese people stood in the way as they engaged in their own communist revolution.

The other way was by sea. The US maintained a naval blockage of Japanese oil shipments. The Japanese were forced to do the only thing they could. That was to destroy the US navy based in Hawaii. It was hardly the surprise proclaimed but rather a designed outcome. But never mind reality. It is what the folks believe that counts. So, "Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we did the Alamo (another lie of history inverted)" became the words of the US WWII rally cry song of the 40's.

The way was to take on desperate oil starved Japan and old men and boys of an already defeated Germany and get in on or even direct profiting over the rubble. Otherwise Russian commies would get all the gold and glory. Sorry about all those grave stones in world scattered military cemeteries, but those that count the gold don't go to those anyhow and so issue no apologies.

But communism was defeated by the west in the break up of the USSR right? And how about China and even Cuba allowing capitalist companies? Well, no. There is a great difference between communism evolving to use capitalist tools for benefit of societies' peoples and the same tools to rob them.

The Russians deserve celebration of their heroes and sacrifices (Can I say for us all?). Enjoy it with them!

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