Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hero's reborn

Hello I know most just post about others on here in a activist way for how we may see the world and political action or powers that be.Well i just came back from a long trip.I wanted to say hello I am Sonshine.This is something i humbly wanted to share with the world my brothers and sisters of earth i hope you like it.O with Google's help it is edited this time some spelling is corrected from the original posting.

(Today im thinking HERO,s .When someone says be my Hero why is it thought in a sexual way by so many .But if i said someone was my Hero they would know i looked up to them in a certain way "WITH RESPECT IN A ACTION".Now I can have many kinds of Hero's can't I???? Even if all my views and my hero's views match or not they can be a special kind of hero to me i think and i think also i can look up to them and also be equal to them in humanness.But then im not a fancy named title me im just a simple me i think .Be safe walk in peace allways and may we all be Hero's to someone!!!!)

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