Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ists And Isms

- Socialism Vs Capitalism

The following three part video describes the essentials of socialism and capitalism. They are offered because halls of learning to which you may have been subjected probably did not get it right.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Many supporters of capitalism, all from the 1st world of course, point to the relatively high standard of living enjoyed in their rich countries. They are either too blind, stupid, or evil to realize that they can afford their luxuries either because the 3rd world suffers or they are living on borrowed money from successful socialistic nations (China comes to mind). A system that affords happiness to a few hundred million at the expense of billions is NOT a success. It is rape. And it must fall. A system that lives on a loan is not a success. There will be a payback time. And it must fall.

The WTO, the World Trade Organization, itself an engine of global capitalism, issued a report which can be found on its website, in which the disastrous effects of global 'free' trade on the majority of Humanity is described in detail. That is at

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