Thursday, June 17, 2010


I will tell you the secret. Some Jewish people spread their hatred of peoples all over the world by playing the Victim.
The scare tactic known as "Antisemitism" is born from ancient cultures.
Tactics they use like this manifests itself mainly through the controlled news media, TV commercials, and through all kinds of entertainment, all through the industry they own.
It manifests itself though our cultural, spiritual, and government leaders they control.
They are disingenuous, misinformed, they lie through omission and out right lie, for their own gain.

Defamation: True Stories from Michael Wiseguy on Vimeo.

Ed furtherleft 16 July 2011: Somebody at Vimeo must not have liked this film. Or perhaps someone came to them and said the magic word "anti-semitism". Here is the same film from another source. We'll see how long it lasts there.

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