Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can You Spell Mossad?

If Not Try, CIA
Seen One
Seen Them All
Same Bastards

The Times of Malta reports an apparent recent murder there.

"Saturday, 19th June 2010 - 07:53CET

"Russian nuclear arms expert found dead in Bugibba

"A Russian man found dead in Bugibba last Wednesday was a nuclear weapons expert, l-orizzont reports today.

"Alexander Pikayev 48, was found dead in his apartment. He had a blow to the head and it is suspected that the man died in a fall. His computer was still on when the police went into the apartment.

"Dr Pikayev was an expert in Russian nuclear weapons and a consultant to the Russian Parliament.

"He is former co-director of the Non-Proliferation Programme of the Carnegie Center in Moscow and was also the director of the section on arms control and nonproliferation at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Russian Academy of Sciences."

What it does not mention is that Dr. Pikayev publisized the results of his studies showing that Iran represents no particular nuclear danger.

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