Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Lie

Stay out of Mexico

(It is not enough that Amerika rapes Mexico of its corn, scatters the worker until they follow the promise of work up north, makes a war on drugs that Amerikans ask for, and now they send the students from the universities back home on a bogus scare. I live in one of those university towns and am friends with a group of students, who laugh at the joke, the lie, that they are in danger from violence. Especially when compared to the incredible varities of violence that Amerikans commit that permeate all aspects of their society. It is a wrong against all that is honest and right to try to force these students out of these universities. In Iraq, they bombed the universities and places of education, but here they do the damage on a scale they try to disguise as help. And the world knows Amerikan help is an invitation to have your country invaded and abused, if not just totally taken over or destroyed. How unfair can one nation be, to stoop so low as to try to ruin education as a weapon of war.) Animus Mundi

By Zahira Torres \ Austin Bureau
Posted: 04/24/2010

AUSTIN -- The University of Texas System said on Friday that all students, faculty and staff in seven northern Mexico states should immediately return home.

UT System officials cited escalating violence in the Mexican states as the reason for recalling students attending university-sponsore d programs in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Baja California and Durango.

Officials said the system's nine universities and six health institutions are already planning the return of about 40 people.

A shootout in Juárez, which is in Chihuahua, killed at least five federal police officers and one city police officer on the day the recall was announced.

Francisco Cigarroa, the UT System chancellor, said in a statement that safety concerns played a key role in the decision.

He said the actions taken "with regard to study-abroad programs and other university-sponsore d international activities are prudent, given the unfortunate escalation in violence in these regions."

The suspension of travel for university-sponsore d exchange programs in the seven Mexican states is indefinite, officials said. They said they would continue to monitor the situation before deciding to lift restrictions.

Some universities began ordering that students return from Mexico even before the recall was carried out.

The University of Texas at Austin this month suspended its exchange program at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. It recalled six university

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